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The bus’ payment device beeped twice when I tapped my T-Money Card. I was aware that I have sufficient balance on the transportation card so probably it’s a letdown on the device. Seniors were behind me so I instantly got down the vehicle for them to go down smoothly. N Seoul Tower immediately sprung on the horizon soaring every tree on Namsan Mountain. From the short paved road shaded by trees, you can already get an extensive view of Seoul.

n seoul tower
N Seoul Tower hovering trees on Mt Namsan.

N Seoul Tower, or Namsan Tower, rises to a height of 236 meters on top of Namsan Mountain. It serves as a communication and observation tower in Seoul and considered as the country’s first general radio wave tower. The tower is comparable to KL Tower except that this one is on top of a mountain. The attraction is open from 10:00AM up to 11:00PM, except for Saturdays when it’s open up until 12 midnight.

n seoul tower
Short walk to the base of N Seoul Tower from the bus stop.

Since I purchased my N Seoul Tower entry pass from Klook, I just redeemed my admission ticket using my e-voucher. The observatory ticket is available at KRW10,000 but I got it for just around KRW7,000 from Klook. Aside from the observatory-only, Klook also offers combination packages that include entry to Hello Kitty Island, SSentoy Museum, or N Burger package.

n seoul tower observatory
Can you see Manila?

n seoul tower south korea

n seoul tower observation deck
Panoramic views of Seoul from N Seoul Tower’s observation deck.

The N Seoul Tower experience starts from the short elevator ride where the ceiling of the elevator playing a cool video. The observatory deck provides a 360-degree view of Seoul with the glass windows marked with major cities/countries and their distance from the tower. There are also binoculars available for a minimal fee.

heart chairs n seoul tower
Alone but not lonely.
lovelocks n seoul tower
Lovelocks everywhere!

Except for the view, you can also buy souvenirs such as postcards, chocolates, and miniature replicas of the tower. A booth also sells candies and gummy worms to kids visiting the tower. On the lower level, accessible by the stairs, are HanCook Restaurant and a coffee shop. After 30 minutes, I decided to go down and explore the vicinity.

n seoul tower
Mighty N Seoul Tower.
n seoul tower octagon pavilion
Octagon Pavilion.

If you decided to purchase the package that includes an N Burger, claim your meal on the café located on the ground level of the tower. On the deck few meters from the café is the Heart Lock Zone. For couples, vow with your loved ones and seal a padlock as a token of your unending love. There are also heart chairs that were designed to make couples closer. For singles, it’s better to stay away from this zone. Just kidding.

n seoul tower to namsan park
Trail to Namsan Park from N Seoul Tower.
n seoul tower namsan park
Cherry blossom experience continues.

Instead of going back to the bus stop to wait for buses going down the Namsan Mountain, I decided to follow the trail near Palgakjeong, an octagon hall. You can pass by the station for the cable car but it’s another KRW6,000 for a one-way ride. The 50-minute walk crosses a photo island, a deck designed for visitors to capture the panoramic view of Seoul. I also chanced some cherry blossoms near the platform. You can continue the trail to Namsan Park by just following the fortress wall. On the last part of the trail is a newly-built replica of the original fortress wall. I ended my walk back to Nandaemun Market where I grabbed some street-food for snacks.

namsan park south korea

The short walk from the base of the tower to Namsan Park was a great one. Visiting the observatory deck of the N Seoul Tower after sundown I think is better as you’ll get to see the city lights. Nonetheless, the short visit at the N Seoul Tower and having an aerial view of the city during the day is already a fun activity to include on your Seoul itinerary.


Cable Car. To reach the cable car, make your way to Myeongdong Station and exit the subway via Exit 3. Walk for 10-15 minutes from the street on the right side of the Pacific Hotel. Return ticket is KRW8,500 for adults, KRW6,000 for one-way. The cable car operates from 10:00AM to 11:00PM.

Bus.  Ride the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Buses 02, 03, or 05. Subway stations to consider when riding the buses are Chungmuro Station for bus 02, Myeongdong for bus 05, and Seoul Station for 03. Check this link for the bus routes.


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