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Sweet Pea mckinley hill

A Night Full of Fun at Sweet Pea

A team that eats together, plays and works together. We were hungry on a Monday evening when our boss Ate Mei asked the team if...
manila ocean park

Into the Deep of Manila Ocean Park

Water is one of the classical elements in Greek philosophy often associated with the qualities of intuition and emotion in esoteric tradition. Approximately 72%...
travel buddy

Nika, My New Travel Buddy

Traveling is the best way to relax. In addition, Britt Reints (inpursuitofhappiness.net) also published an article on her blog about the reasons why traveling...

Blogopolis, ONLIne in the Philippines

Blog-op-o-lis (noun), is a conference put on for bloggers, by bloggers. A day-long event covering the four pillars of blogging: Content, Marketing, Monetization, and Advocacy,...
navi travel planner

Navi 2013: Your Life Navigator

How do you get by life’s ups and downs? How far will you go for passion? What holds you back? These are questions that...
Mind Museum

Discovering the Story of The Mind Museum

After months of planning to take a look inside The Mind Museum in Taguig, I finally set foot to the first science museum in...
mind museum

Trick or Treat: Experiment Circus

Last Sunday, October 28, The Mind Museum in Taguig celebrated the annual Trick or Treat by organizing the Experiment Circus, giving a twist to...
National Museum

Treasures at the National Museum of the Philippines

Last week I tried to go over the internet to find places to visit for the coming long weekend. First thing I thought was...
Fundacion Santiago

Gallery IV: Fundacion Santiago Hall

The works of 19th-century Filipino sculptors, notably Isabelo Tampinco y Lacandola, as well as his contemporaries and artistic successors whose works are distinguished by...
Jose Rizal

Dr. Jose Rizal related arts

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