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antique travel guide

AMAZING ANTIQUE: Travel Guide and Sample Itinerary

Antique is probably one of the provinces that are usually off of a tourist’s list. But if you’re a kind of traveler who hates...
Maanghit Cave

Uneasy Spelunking in Maanghit Cave, Libertad, Antique

Antique is enormously endowed with eco-adventure activities from white water kayaking and waterfalling in Tibiao, island hopping in Culasi, and river exploration in Pandan....
bugang river

Exploring the Bugang River from Malumpati Health Spring to Pandan Bay

The sun slowly radiates the whole of Pandan Beach Resort as locals of the coastal municipality began to assemble on the shore. A heavy...
where to eat in antique

Eating My Way to Antique

As everyone suggests, if you visit a certain destination, eat like a local. Aside from knowing how the locals eat, the first thing to...
malalison island

Malalison Island, the Jewel of Culasi, Antique

Serenity of a destination depends on its remoteness. Travel time is always considered by everyone and a great factor that affects their decision in...
Pandan Beach Resort

Taking It Easy at Pandan Beach Resort, Antique

We eagerly got out of the van and rushed to the beach to catch another beautiful sunset in Antique. Finally, it was the end...
Tibiao, Antique

Tibiao, Antique: Eco-Adventure Capital of Western Visayas

Not feeling so well on the third day of the tour due to the anti-Tetanus vaccine (long story to narrate) that was given to...

Manggad Kang Antique: History, Culture and the Antiqueños

Kruhay Katahum kang Antique! (Antique is wonderful!) This line from a Kinaray-a song kept playing in my head throughout the duration of the Antique Heritage...
food in the philippines

Take It From The Experts: It’s More FOOD in the Philippines

Having more than 7000 islands, geography plays an important role in the way Filipinos prepare and make their food. Take Sinigang as an example....

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