RJdExplorer: 10 years of Blogging

Ten years ago, this blog started as a journal of my weekend wanderings in Manila. I grew up and finished my schooling...
capul island northern samar

Below 24 Hours in Capul Island

Last and only boat departing for Capul Island already left Looc Port when I arrived in Allen from Biri Island. I was...
klm flight to amsterdam

First Europe Trip and its Hullabaloos

First was indicated on the title to note that I’ll definitely go back to Europe. Unlike some of the posts here helping...
halong bay tour

HALONG BAY | Overnight in Halong Bay

Choosing between Sapa and Halong Bay was a tough one. The adventurer in me picked Sapa over Halong Bay based on stories...
taal volcano hike

Taal Volcano: Day Hike and Pilgrimage in One

For two separate occasions, I was invited by different groups of friends for a day hike to Taal Volcano. And for these...

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