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Da Vinci

TAGUIG | Da Vinci, The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance genius, is an inventor, artist, engineer, musician, architect, anatomist, geologist, mathematician, botanist, painter, sculptor, and...
Mind Museum

TAGUIG | Discovering the Story of The Mind Museum

After months of planning to take a look inside The Mind Museum in Taguig, I finally set foot to the first science museum in...
mind museum

TAGUIG | Trick or Treat: Experiment Circus

Last Sunday, October 28, The Mind Museum in Taguig celebrated the annual Trick or Treat by organizing the Experiment Circus, giving a twist to...
long weekend

October Long Weekend Getaway

October 26 was declared a regular non-working holiday by Proclamation No. 488 in observance of the Eidul Adha, one of the two greatest feasts...

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