Coron Backpacker Guesthouse Review


When I first searched for any place to stay in Coron, Coron Backpacker Guesthouse was on the top of the result. I went over their website and checked out the room accommodations and rates. I also did some verification thru blog and Tripadvisor reviews. After comparing it from other affordable places to stay in town, I decided to book a reservation for a night.

Coron Backpacker Guesthouse is not located along the road that you need to pass by some houses first on a wooden pathway. Most parts of the guesthouse are made of bamboo: woven bamboo walls and bamboo floors.

I was welcomed by a friendly staff who at that moment fixing a room vacated by a guest. She led me to their waiting area and verified my reservation. After I settled my payment, they handed me the key for my room, Room 3. Rooms 1 to 3 have their doors facing outside. Luckily, the room I got is located near the main door of the house. CBG has only 9 rooms so it is better to make reservation weeks before your travel date.

The Php 500 rate for a fan room is actually good for two with the large bed offered. I just hated the colored bed sheets and pillow cases. I do still prefer white because it manifests cleanliness and freshness of the beddings.

Since it accommodates backpackers, they aim to build friendships among the guests so an entertainment area is available wherein everyone can spend their spare time chatting with each other while watching on the flat screen television. Unlimited coffee and water are also being offered for free plus you will get to use their kitchen and cooking utensils also for free. You just need to be more responsible though in using and cleaning the things after your use.

Flooring of the house is made of bamboo so expect that when someone walks around, a sound will be made that is really annoying sometimes. You may also hear the staff chatting loudly during their breaks since the wall is woven bamboo. Toilet and bathroom are separate and there is no water supply on the toilet and only tissue paper is available. The rooms have no trash bins so I needed to go to the bathroom (located inside the guesthouse) everytime I needed to dispose something.

Another thing was, when I was resting before my Coron town tour, power supply went out for about 15 minutes and a renovation was being done on the upper floor of the house. Since it is also a backpacker guesthouse, some of the foreigner guests come from town proper drunk.

I only spent a night in CBG and transferred to Daven’s Palace the next day. If you’re not easily irritated by noise and can adapt to their environs, I think CBG is good for you. But if you’re after a good and nice stay/sleep, I’m not recommending it. Better spend for a higher rate yet relaxing place to stay in Coron.


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