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Hacked my way out of the north bus terminal in Yangon, I asked taxi drivers for the bus number to take going to Shwedagon Pagoda. Taxi fares from the terminal to downtown Yangon was crazy at MMK8,000 (USD6). Meanwhile, I paid MMK500 for the bus and took a taxi (MMK 2,000) to Four Rivers Youth Hostel on 12th Street.

four rivers youth hostel yangon lobby reception
Lobby and reception area.

What I didn’t know is that Four Rivers Youth Hostel has two branches in Yangon. My reservation was on the other hostel upon the confirmation of the hostel staff. I asked where’s the second hostel and she said it’s located on 10th street. The staff told me that the second branch is around 7 minutes by foot.

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Informed about my reservation from the other hostel, the staff of Four Rivers Youth Hostel on the 10th street welcomed me with their widest smiles. I mentioned about my reservation and they did apologize for what happened. They also said that it’s a new addition to the Four Rivers brand. The Burmese ladies, faces covered with thanaka, immediately asked me to fill the arrival form, provide the room key, and accompanied me to my room.

four rivers youth hostel yangon


It was automatic to lay on the bed and enjoy the softness of the beddings, few of the items I missed from the night bus trip from Inle Lake. I had a nap for about 20 minutes. I decided to go out for lunch and looked for a nearby KFC. Yes, I also dine at food chains because local food gets boring at times. Glad there’s a branch just 500 meters away from the hostel. After lunch, I went back to the hostel and had a sleep! What a very productive first day in Yangon.

four rivers youth hostel yangon dorm rooms bunk bed
Bunk beds in the dormitory rooms.

I was already enjoying my bed but first, let me provide the shared room facilities of Four Rivers Youth Hostel. Unlike Four Rivers B&B Mandalay, the bunks here are not all pod-styled. You have the regular double-decker beds very accessible in full-length not in narrow openings. Beds have the usual sleeping amenities I’ve got to enjoy from their Mandalay property.

four rivers youth hostel yangon lockers
Small lockers just for valuable items.
four rivers youth hostel yangon bathroom
En-suite bathroom in the dormitory room on the 4th floor.

The 12-bed mixed dorm room on the 4th floor has an en-suite bathroom. You can rent a towel for MMK1,000. Hot and cold shower and basic shower essentials like shampoo and bath gel are provided. A bidet is an added convenience to the toilet facilities.

Common area is on the ground floor. A small sofa, plus the tables and chairs in the adjacent area, welcomes guest entering the premises. A fridge offering cans of soda and beer can be your friend if you need a drink. The hostel has laundry facilities and when I asked how much is the rate, they just took my laundry. I just stayed in the lounge area to monitor my clothes in the Laundromat. They didn’t charge me anything for the laundry and drying.

four rivers youth hostel yangon common area
Common area on the ground floor.
four rivers youth hostel yangon breakfast
Free breakfast.

A simple breakfast is part of the booking. From 7 AM to 10 AM, the staff will fill the table with items like coffee and Myanmar instant tea mix, a basket of bananas, bags of loaf bread and bottles of spreads, and stir-fried rice or noodles. If you have your own food, a microwave oven is free for everyone to use.

four rivers youth hostel yangon facade
Four Rivers Youth Hostel on the 10th Street.

Four Rivers Youth Hostel is actually located in the downtown Yangon, a place in the city where you can immerse in the city lifestyle of the Burmese people. It’s not as chaotic as Mandalay but it has also its own flaws. Commuting to Yangon’s attractions can test a tourist’s patience and I was glad Grab had few promotions during my stay. What’s great about its location is its accessibility to known restaurants, food chains, and a mall.

If you’re making your way to Yangon anytime soon, Four Rives Youth Hostel is a good choice. Just remember what location to go with regard to your booking!

Four Rivers Youth Hostel

10th Street, Lanmadaw Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Contact Nos.: +959-253868307, +959-79988215
Email: info@fourrivershostels.com
Website: www.fourrivershostel.com



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