Italy – A Top Holiday Hotspot


Mama Mia! Holidays in Italy are truly special, whichever part of this magical destination you choose to discover. Italy holidays are so diverse, you can return time and again and feel like you’ve been to a different place each time.

When planning your Italian escape, think first about the type of holiday you love. If long, lazy days on secluded beaches and moonlit walks by the sea are your cups of tea, jet off to Sicily. This breathtaking island has long stretches of soft sand beaches, perfect for relaxing as you take in the beauty of the mountainous backdrop.

If you are looking for a romantic break for two, Venice is the ultimate choice. Serenade your loved one as you float along the canals in a private gondola, or grab the guidebook and explore the stunning buildings and historic attractions along the waterways. The Venetian Riviera gives you the best of both worlds, with golden beaches perfect for a day of sunbathing.

Get close to nature in the picture perfect Neapolitan Riviera. This beautiful destination is set on a backdrop of breathtaking mountains, dotted with pretty villages glistening in the sun. The Neapolitan Riviera has an upmarket feel, offering chic boutiques and designer stores – hang around long enough and you may spot a famous face!

Whichever part of Italy you decide to explore, one thing you’ll find everywhere is delicious food. This is the perfect holiday destination for carb-lovers, with fresh pasta dishes guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. Dine in an authentic Italian restaurant, or enjoy a meal Al Fresco as you people-watch in the sun.

This shoe-shaped destination has so much to offer, from romantic walks on secluded beaches to label shopping in chic retreats.  Combine that with great weather and fantastic food and it’s no wonder that Italy is a top holiday hotspot.

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