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For our first dinner in Puerto Princesa, we tried the well-known Kinabuchs Grill and Bar located along Rizal Avenue. According to Kuya Arthur, a very nice tricycle driver, the grill and bar is usually crowded and needs reservations. We were lucky that night ‘coz we had a table immediately upon arrival.


Their menu is categorized into soups, value meals, rice, beef, pork, goat, poultry, savory and grilled seafood, vegetable dishes, desserts, salads, bread and sandwiches, pica-pica and beverages such as coffees, teas, shakes, quenchers, beers, and wines.

We ordered sinigang na ulo ng isda, grilled blue marlin, Bicol express, and sizzling mixed misono. We chose bagoong and garlic rice and banana shake, SM Apple, Red Horse and Sprite for drinks.



We were shocked with the servings since from the menu we have seen that prices were not that expensive so we only expected less, but we’re wrong! The servings were so hefty that each dish was actually good for 4 to 6 persons. Aside from the very large servings, the food was also delicious. The blue marlin was so tender while the soup of the sinabawang ulo ng isda will definitely wake you up!



  • Sinigang na Ulo ng Isda 175
  • Grilled Blue Marlin 215
  • Bicol Express 185
  • Sizzling Mixed Misono 225
  • Garlic Rice (2X) 60
  • Bagoong Rice 35
  • Banana Shake 75
  • SM Apple 55
  • Red Horse 55
  • Sprite 35
  • ————–
  • Total 1130
  • 282.5 per pax


You can contact them at (048) 434 5194 and opens from 5pm to 3am everyday.


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