Mango Pizza of Guimaras


After a couple of hours exploring the islets of Guimaras and visiting its historical and adventure sites, you need to stop to fill that crumbling stomach. I didn’t notice any branch of food chains such as Jollibee, Mcdonalds, nor KFC while I was in the province (we only visited the municipalities of Jordan and Nueva Valencia though).


A place known in Guimaras for a snack is Pitstop located at Chavez Building in San Miguel, Jordan. The place is known for pizza, burger, and pasta. The restaurant serves as the place to be for residents of Guimaras to unwind and break the life in the province. They also have a playing area for kids as their parents wait for the orders.

The menu consists of a dozen flavors of pizza which can be ordered via solo, double or family sizes range from Php49 to Php339. They also have Bigtime Treats, burger, pasta or rice meals with soft drinks and feast meals good for groups.


One of the famous pizza flavors Pitstop offers is the Mango Pizza which is a must-try for every tourist visiting Guimaras. The double size pizza we ordered was worth Php189.The pizza crust was topped with thinly sliced ripe mangoes (I thought the mangoes were pureed and poured on top) and then covered with cheese, drizzled with some crushed nuts and finished with sliced green pepper. The pizza was a bit sour having only the cheese balancing the sweetness but it was a great experience to taste the flavor of the mango on it.


It was nice to know that the locals also found a way to utilize their products by incorporating locally produced mangoes not only to their delicacies but also giving a new look and taste to a foreign food; making it unique and their own.


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