CEBU | Meat Overload in Casa Verde, Cebu


If your workplace is accessible to numerous affordable restaurants, regard yourself as lucky. On my case, not just lucky but also blessed to experience some of these food places for free, thanks to some generous workmates.

Well done David Dean’s Tenderloin.

Casa Verde is a famous place in Cebu for their very hefty and delish yet reasonably priced baby back ribs. This is the best seller and specialty of which is a must try for first timers.

Their place in Cebu IT Park is not that big having only 6-9 tables and counters inside plus the extension on the adjacent alleys of The Walk. Since the restaurant embodies an American casual way of dining, the walls have some vintage toys as decorations.

The famous, hefty and affordable Brian’s Ribs.

Menu is crowded with choices and it was really a hard for us to decide what to order. We advised the waiting crew on the side that we will just call her once we finalized our orders. And after 2 light years, the group ordered Brian’s Ribs, The Dax, David Dean’s Tenderloin, Jon Jay’s Steak and Pasta, and Lauren’s Lava for dessert. With regard to the naming of the food, I have no idea.

Who the hell is Brian? Am I eating his ribs? Brian’s Ribs (Php 228), is really huge that devouring it by a single person will literally test his/her appetite. Known for its tagline, “Once you taste me, you’ll never forget me,” Brian’s Ribs is baked pork ribs in a sweet tangy piquet sauce served with white rice, corn, and carrots.

Onions and almonds all around my plate of David Dean’s Tenderloin.

On the other hand, David Dean’s Tenderloin (Php 235), “Some like me rare. Others like me medium. But it’s up to you if you like me done well,” is the tagline. The well done steak, to my preference, was on top of a load of sweet (not buttery) mashed potatoes topped with a sheet of cheese. It is served with brown sauce and garnished with caramelized onions and roasted almonds.

The Dax featuring the steaks and the shrimps.

Another bestseller is The Dax (Php 315), a combination of US fillet steak drizzled with brown sauce and onions with a catch of tavern shrimps paired with tartar sauce. The meat is served with harvest rice and veggie medley.

A must-try steak and pasta combination, Jon Jay’s Steak and Pasta.

Lastly, a must-try meal is Jon Jay’s Steak and Pasta (Php 235) which is a marinated steak also served in brown sauce and a side of pasta which was sautéed in olive oil and garlic. To end the meat overload madness in Casa Verde was the Lauren’s Lava, a chocolate cake filled with chocolate lava topped with a vanilla ice cream that was covered in a crunchy chocolate shell.

Lauren’s Lava chocolate cake, difficult to handle.

We wanted to relish the savory meals we ordered but we remembered that we only have an hour break. The food we had at Casa Verde really satisfied our cravings and us full for the whole day.


The Walk, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City
Contact No.: 032-412-3336
Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 12:00 am


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