Exquisite Restaurants to Try in Pittsburgh


Eating is an easy thing to do while on the road. I’m not a picky person when it comes to food, and I always rely on restaurants and food stalls I encounter during my city walks. Budget really affects your dining options on your trip. Shoestring travelers usually consider street-food and hawker centers to stick with their budget, while those who have the luxury to splurge go for restaurants offering first-rate cooking and exceptional cuisine.

Pittsburgh’s skyline. Image via Flickr by allenran 917.

Fine dining restaurants are famed for delicately prepared food served in an appetizing way. This activity isn’t of interest to me, but there are tons of travelers who visit certain cities just to try acclaimed restaurants. Pittsburgh has its own set of top-notch restaurants run by celebrity and renowned chefs.

The city is a food destination, and for you to relish the extravagant meals from fine restaurants, be sure to book nice hotels for your stay in Pittsburgh. Without further ado, here are some of the most exquisite restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Altius, 1230 Grandview Avenue

Meaning “higher” in Latin, Altius indeed provides a higher quality of dining, as its location is on top of a mountain. The kitchen is monitored by Jessica Bauer, who has the vision to infuse ingredients from different countries and regions to create superb meals. With locally cured meats and cheeses, entrees like rack of lamb or salmon, and bananas Foster for dessert, Altius will surely satisfy your hunger with delicately prepared dishes.

Cure, 5336 Butler Street

With a goal to curate gastronomic experiences, Cure actively launches in-house events, including collaborations with guest chefs. Visit Cure’s website to check upcoming events and featured chefs. The restaurant also encourages every guest to take part in a six-course tasting menu that comprises snacks, soup and salad, veal cheek, bruléed goat rodeo chevre, and black olive. You can also choose from the à la carte menu: oyster, bread and butter, salumi, snacks, and a few entrées.

Piccolo Forno, Lawrenceville 3801 Butler Street

Spoon, another famous restaurant in Pittsburgh, offers culinary adventures. Image via Flickr by Edsel L.

Voted one of Pittsburgh’s best Italian restaurants, Piccolo Forno continues to deliver rustic Italian fare. Walk-in diners are always welcome, but to guarantee a seat, you’d better book in advance. Simple, rustic, and Tuscan are the words the restaurant uses to describe its menu and the Italian food it serves. Start your dining experience with sets of antipasti, pizza and pasta, some panini, and of course, a gelato or panna cotta for dessert. Take note that Piccolo Forno is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Soba, 5847 Ellsworth Avenue

Asian cuisine often relies on fresh herbs and tropical ingredients, and Soba promotes bits and pieces of Asian cuisine in its gorgeously refurbished shop along Ellsworth. The restaurant also offers American dishes with an Asian twist. Indulge in an epicurean journey through Asia with your choice of dim sum, maki and sashimi, Thai soups, and rice or noodle dishes such as pad Thai and seafood ramen.

Dining will never be boring when you’re in Pittsburgh, thanks to these restaurants that offer extravagant and exceptional meals. Fine dining comes at a price, but it’s satisfying to experience this kind of restaurant to splurge once in a while.



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