Travel Guide: Sagada for First Timers


Sagada is a municipality in the Mountain Province which is known for the hanging coffins. This is the traditional way of the locals in burying their loved one because they believe that the higher their bodies from the ground, the closer they are to their gods. Other activities that can be done in Sagada are spelunking in Lumiang and Sumaging Caves, trekking to the falls of Bomod-ok and Pongas, and food tripping on restaurants available in the area. Here’s a Sagada travel guide for first-timers.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada.


How to Get There

Take a Victory Liner bus bound to Baguio City, travel time is 6-7 hours and fare is around 500. Schedules and fares are available on their website at From Victory Liner Terminal in Baguio, make your way to Dangwa Terminal located at the back of Baguio Center Mall where you can find Lizardo Bus Trans bound to Sagada, travel time is 6-7 hours and fare is 220.
Lizardo Bus Schedules from Baguio to Sagada is 6:30AM, 8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM and 1PM.
Lizardo Bus Schedules from Sagada to Baguio is 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 8:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM and 1PM.

Another route is to take the Manila-Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada route. You can check the directions by visiting here.

Stopover in Atok, Benguet.


Alapo’s        0921-3279055
Alfredo’s        0918-5883535
A-7 House        0921-2876039
Alibama Inn        0920-8135797
Billy’s House        0921-6032745
Canaway        0910-7092631
Churya-a        0906-4300853
Ganduyan        0921-2738097
Gecko Inn        0920-2895471
George Guesthouse 0918-5480406
Igorot Inn        0908-7578357
Kanip-aw Pines    0928-2897507
Mapiya-aw Pension    0905-2164055
Olahbinan        0928-4067647
Residential Lodge    0919-6728744
Rock Inn        0920-9095899
Rocky Valley        0918-6432784
Sagada Guesthouse 0921-9694053
Sagada Homestay    0919-7028380
Saint Joseph        0918-5595934
Traveler’s Inn    0920-7992960
Yabami Lodge    0920-4119976

Clockwise: George Guesthouse, Alibama Inn, Residential Lodge and Youghurt House.


Log Cabin
St.Joe Café
Alfredo’s Inn and Restaurant
Olahbinan Resthouse and Café
Kimchi Resto
Yoghurt House
Salt and Pepper
Bana’s Café
Pinikpikan Restaurant
Dalican Restaurant
Lemon Pie House
Cave Man Resto and Souvenirs
Rock Inn and Café Bodega


Sagada Weaving
Sagada Collection
Kamowan Souvenirs
Ganduyan Museum, Inn and Souvenirs
Midtown Souvenirs
Rj’s Souvenirs
MacBas Souvenirs
Blueskies Souvenirs
Sagada Indigenous Handicrafts
Ayeona’s Souvenirs
Sagada Hand Woven
Mountain Side Souvenirs
Sagada Pottery


1. Echo Valley tour by visiting the Sagada Bell and Church, Calvary Hill and Hanging Coffins.
2. Spelunking in Sumaging Cave.
3. Try the best recommended yoghurts of Yoghurt House.
4. Trek to Bomod-ok Falls and also be awed by the Fidelisan Rice Terraces.
5. Visit Lake Danum and drop by the Sagada Pottery.
6. Taste the famous Lemon Pie of Sagada in Lemon Pie House.
7. Visit Sagada Weaving from your trek to Bomod-ok Falls.

Spelunking in Sumaging Cave.


  1. Best time to leave Manila is by 9 or 10PM for you to catch the 6AM bus bound to Sagada.
  2. If you’re traveling in small group, below 5, you can merge with other groups to share the guide fees.
  3. I suggest you take the trail going down to the Hanging Coffins to have a closer look with the attraction.
  4. Be prepare to endure long walks or you can ask the people at Saggas.Org for the van rates.
  5. Going to Sagada from Baguio, sit on the side opposite to the driver since most of the great views from the highway are here.
  6. If you’ll be taking the 6AM bus from Sagada going to Baguio, sit on the same side with the driver for you to capture the sea of clouds on that side.

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