Seafood Paluto at Old Pala-pala Market, Bacolod


It was almost dark when I came back from my visit to the Taj Mahal of Negros Occidental, The Ruins in Talisay City. So the next thing I did is to find an affordable place to eat for dinner. My online research led me to Old Pala-pala Market located at the corner of San Juan St and North Capitol Road. The market is a place to be for whatever seafood craving you have. Near the market are several “tulahan” places since the place has the same set-up with the “dampa” which is common in Manila.


I searched for a stall where I can buy fresh seafood at a lower price. Buying tip: Don’t settle with the first vendor you asked, check and ask other stalls for you to know the lowest bargain. I found the right place and asked the vendor for the rates. I got 2 regular-sized squids for Php60, ¼ Kilo of shrimps (around 12 pieces) worth Php70 and a slice of fish for only Php30. I also bought some vegetables to be added on my sinigang na hipon. With my Php20, I got an eggplant, string beans, radish, kangkong leaves and green chili. Total: Php180.


For the paluto suggestions, I asked the seafood and vegetable vendors where’s the best place and the answer I got from them were both Aleah’s Palutuan. I tried asking for the rates of some tulahan nearby but their rates are different per dish you’re requiring them to cook. I went to Aleah’s to check if they have lower paluto rates. The guy offered me Php120 cooking fee for all the seafood I got. I requested for the squids to be cooked into calamares, the shrimps into sinigang together with the veggies and the fish be grilled.


The place was not crowded when I entered but people already gathered inside the restaurant after 15 minutes. Waiting time was bit longer maybe because there were already customers before me but it was worth the wait. After 30 minutes, my meal was served. I almost fainted when I saw the servings, too huge for me! Dinner time!


I really loved the way they cooked the calamares, I have nothing to say with its crispiness that even I let it stayed for how many minutes; the squid coated with their secret batter was still crispy. The soup of the sinigang was just okay since I only consumed the vegetables and the shrimps. Meanwhile, the grilled fish was awesome! It was so tender and has the right amount of spices that will literally give you the “melts in your mouth” feeling.

Taste of the food served was a proof of the freshness of the seafood used. I went back to my hotel room overfed with the food I have tried but very accomplished to try other food offerings in Bacolod aside from Inasal. Old Pala-pala is really a place for affordable and delicious seafood feast.


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