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Challenges of Going Back to Batad Saddle

So I’ve already seen the world famous Batad amphitheater-like terraces and dabbled my feet on the freezing waters cascading from Tappiya Falls. I am...
Banaue Rice Terraces

PHOTOHOLIC: Banaue Rice Terraces of Ifugao

The Banaue Rice Terraces or “The Hagdan-hagdang Palayan ng Banawe” of Ifugao has 3 viewpoints each offers a different angle of the...
tappiya falls

Viewpoint and Tappiya Falls: Going Up and Down in Batad

The view of Batad Rice Terraces from afar is very impressive but a closer look definitely offers a different experience. As we stay in...
Ramon’s Native Homestay

Ramon’s Native Homestay in Batad, Ifugao

Visiting the province of Ifugao is not only about checking the tourist attractions available but also includes understanding the culture and traditions of the...

EN ROUTE: Manila to Batad

Rice terraces of Ifugao never fail to amaze me every time I see them on books, magazines and blogs. I was so excited to...
Bomod-ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls: To The Big Falls of Sagada

If I will be asked on what activity in Sagada will I dare not to try anymore, without a blink of an eye, my...

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