Viewpoint and Tappiya Falls: Going Up and Down in Batad


The view of Batad Rice Terraces from afar is very impressive but a closer look definitely offers a different experience. As we stay in the dining area of Ramon’s Homestay, we had a game of spotting and counting the number of people walking on the terraces. They were too tiny that you won’t easily notice them.

Our tour guide Jhaque, told us that part of our itinerary was to hike to the highest viewpoint of the terraces before going to Tappiya Falls. We were so excited to know about it since we want to try balancing on the weir of the terraces.

We woke up the next morning and we’re so thankful for a great weather. After having some bread for breakfast, we started our trek as early as 6:45 in the morning. The trek began at Gab-gab Village where the homestay is located passing by Higib and Patte Villages.

First marker of Tappiya Falls is located near a falls where locals get their drinking water. We continued trailing the paved path with everyone enjoying the crisp rays of the morning sun. On a part of the irrigation canal, the group was alarmed. A snake, which we found out to be dead (Thank God!), was submerged in the flowing water. Jhaque, who’s in front of the line was shocked and screamed out loud.

We continued our trek having some climbs on rocks. It was cloudy when we reached the viewpoint and I was so worried that it might rain. The view from that perspective of the attraction is really striking; maybe more if all the terraces have rice plants on it.

It was so scenic that we enjoyed taking a lot of photos with the famous amphitheater terraces of Batad in the background. We met locals along the way and it made me realize how challenging it is to live in the area since you need to endure long walks from a certain point to another.

After minutes of rest, we again took a challenging trek going to the famous falls of Ifugao, Tappiya Falls. From the viewpoint, we descended from slippery paths and again hiked to the first station located in Bocos Village.  We stopped to quench our thirst.

Few meters from the first station is another stopover with the warning sign that says the next 200 meters is prone to falling rocks. Jhaque advised us to walk as fast as we can on that part of the trail. We arrived at the viewing station of Tappiya Falls after another 30 minutes. The falls was indeed crazy as described by Marc, the tourist who also checked-in at Ramon’s.

Since it was raining for the past days, large amount of water cascades on the falls basin with the water not that great. Tourists can go down near the falls during the dry season when the water is low. To make our visit to the falls memorable not just by staring at it, we went down on the course of the river at the back of the house being built near the falls. We waded in the cool water and tried to go on a rock where the water rushes.

We were the first group that day to visit the falls and a lot of people were on their way to the falls as we ascent. Together with Jhaque as guides were the two resident dogs of Ramon’s Homestay: Rambo and Haji. We had a convoy having the dogs with us: Haji in front of the queue and Rambo on the tail. The dogs really secured us as we trek going to and back from the falls.

We enjoyed the whole thing, from trekking to the viewpoint and another hour to the falls. Yes, the entire activity is difficult but I think it’s just enough for you to be worthy to see the magnificent creation of nature (Tappiya) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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