Top Pinoy Travel Blogs for 2013


There is a bunch of Pinoy travel blogs out there and you will never dare to accept a job to rank them and choose your Top 15. I’ll try my best. But before that, I would like to set my criteria first. Believe it or not, the first thing that attracts me in visiting a site is the layout. I also appreciate those blogs providing detailed itineraries on what to do, where and how to go etc. Next are the photos that will give you the power of teleporting to their destinations. And of course the “X-Factor” and which I called “Kulit” Factor every time I read their narrations. So this is my Top 15 (not in particular order! Ang hirap na nga pumili ng kinse, irarank ko pa? Sobra na yan 😀 !):

1.     No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’! by Chyng Reyes
2.     Eskapo by Dong Ho
3.     The Travelling Dork by Rob Bautista
4.     Pinoy Adventurista by Mervin Marasigan
5.     The Pinay Solo Backpacker by Gael Hilotin
6.     Pinay Travel Junkie by Gay Emami
7.     Lakad Pilipinas by Christian Sangoyo
8.     Nomadic Experiences by Marky Go
9.     En Route by Ferds Decena
10.   Journeying James by James Betia
11.   Juanderful Pinoy by Chino
12.   Byahilo: Ito Ang Trip Ko by Enrico Dee
13.   Lakwatsero by Angel Juarez
14.   Lakas ng Trip by Josiah Sicad
15.   Ambot Ah by Marcos


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