PARIS | Unveiling Versailles: A Morning of Surprises and Grandeur


Sun’s early rays through Parisian curtains greeted my awakening, immersing me in a new day in this beautiful city. The allure of adventure had gripped me, and I was prepared to embrace a new day. Our destination for that day was the charming town of Versailles, just a short train ride away from the bustling heart of Paris.

Equestrian statue of Louis XIV in front of Palace of Versailles.

One of the things I’ve always loved about traveling is the chance to experience the world from different perspectives. My friends availed the shuttle service to Palace of Versailles that leaves Paris on a later time. With that, I will be commuting to Versailles alone. Hesitant about pickpocket stories, but it’s an ideal time to join locals on their commute while in the city.

Palace of Versailles.

After a quick shower and a strong cup of coffee to shake off the remnants of sleep, I made my way to the subway station. The Parisian morning air had been crisp and invigorating, providing a perfect start to my day of discovery. The elegant architecture of the stations struck me as the subway train rumbled along the tracks. The buzz of commuters and the melodic announcements in French intrigued me.

Walking Around Versailles

Upon arriving in Versailles, I was immediately captivated by the town’s quaint charm. Cobblestone streets, lined with charming shops and cafes, beckoned me to explore. I left the bus stop and randomly steered myself on some random streets looking for food to munch. My walk brought me to Notre Dame Market. The market had been a bustling hub of activity, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds that filled the air. Vendors had meticulously set up their stalls, displaying an array of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and local specialties.

Lambinet Museum.
Hotel de Ville, Versailles’ City Hall.

Notre Dame Market

As I meandered through the market, my attention had been drawn to a stall piled with raspberries. New to me, fresh raspberries’ deep red hue proved irresistible, prompting me to indulge in a small pack. The vendor, a friendly elderly woman, had greeted me with a warm smile and handed me my purchase.

Fresh raspberries to start the day!

The next stop on my adventure had been the cheese section. The market had showcased an astonishing selection of cheeses, each with its own story and character. From creamy brie to pungent blue, the options had seemed endless. Morning sun bathed the market in gold. Amid vibrant chaos, I savored a moment of serenity. It had been a perfect example of how travel allows us to pause and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

As I enjoyed my breakfast, I received a message from my friends who were on their way to join me in Versailles. Lost in the market’s rhythm and the moment’s beauty, time seemed to slip away as I waited for them. Amidst the vibrant world, I felt like a silent observer, capturing its essence through my traveler’s lens, immersed in life’s activity. I left the market and went to the palace grounds to queue for entry. Finally, my friends had arrived, and our laughter and chatter had filled the air. We had made our way to the entrance of the Palace of Versailles, joining the queue of eager visitors.

Palace of Versailles

As we stepped inside, we had been greeted by opulence beyond imagination. The palace’s grandeur, with its ornate ceilings, gilded accents, and sprawling gardens, had left us in awe. As we explored room after room, the history of Versailles had come to life. Each chamber had whispered tales of royalty, power, and intrigue. It had been a living testament to a bygone era, and I had marveled at how travel allows us to step back in time and immerse ourselves in the stories of the past.

We encountered a breathtaking sight in the Hall of Mirrors. Crystal chandeliers had illuminated the room, and the mirrors had reflected our awe-struck expressions back at us. The experience could’ve been better if not for the horde of palace-goers striking for their own gram-worthy poses.

Hall of Mirrors.

After exploring the interiors of the palace, we had strolled through the meticulously manicured gardens of Versailles. The symmetrical layout, ornate fountains, and sculpted hedges had been a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. It had been a reminder that travel not only allows us to explore the world but also to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of different cultures.

We finally decided to exit the palace and checked the nearby fast-food for our late lunch. With our tummy full, we boarded a train back to Paris where we continued to marvel at the grandeur of French architecture via the Seine river cruise. From the quiet morning market to the grandeur of Versailles, we experienced moments of serenity and awe throughout that day.


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