Weekend Dinner Buffet in Pusô Restaurant, Quest Hotel


Pusô, famous as hanging rice, is probably one of the best innovations in Cebu due to its affordability and convenience when it comes to pairing it with some local food. These qualities perhaps are the reasons why Quest Hotel opened its Pusô Restaurant, to offer excellent meals conveniently to its guests on very reasonable prices.

Imagine at Php650 from Fridays to Mondays, and only Php499 on mid-week, the dinner buffet at Pusô Restaurant offers a variety of gastronomy from Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, even Italian, and Western. Given its price, one thing we tried to scrutinize during our sumptuous dinner buffet experience was to check the quality of the food available.

The buffet starts around 5:30PM and at 6:30, the entire place wasn’t crowded yet and we were the third group to settle a table. Around 7PM when the place were flocked by checked-in guests and walk-ins. Yes, you can avail the weekend feast even if you’re not staying in the hotel.

My journey to a food-coma Saturday evening started by a plateful of dimsum, assorted maki rolls, tempura, a slice of Margarita pizza and some meat with veggies. Dimsum are my favorite and everything from the steamer baskets were great. Maki rolls and sushi satisfied my cravings for Japanese shokunin but the thin crust pizza failed to provide a bursting flavor.

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For my second plate, I was able to snug a crab in coconut milk, chicken stew, fish fillet with turmeric sauce, and ladleful of stir-fried vegetables. Five stars for this plate went to the chicken stew with the succulent chicken well blended by the sweet to savory sauce.

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Appetizer section was hard to miss because they have a myriad choices from zucchini with shrimp, green mango with shrimp paste, and a lot more. Sashimi is also an added selection to the sushi section, a variety of cured, deli meats, and sausages for cold cuts; and, some nuts and cheeses.

On the rear side of the restaurant is a counter assigned for the tempura section, a create-your-own pasta section, and a Mongolian cuisine buffet for some stir-fry cravings. The management is also thoughtful to include a healthy section for vegetarian folks.

One of the best things I consider in measuring the standard and quality of a buffet is the dessert spread. And Pusô Restaurant impressed me the way they satisfy every diner’s sweet tooth with the variety of dessert available: mousse, pudding, cake, cupcake, cheesecake, and local goodies such as budbud and puto. Aside from that, be amazed by a ferris wheel of cupcakes and cakes of macaroons. What’s also great with their dessert buffet is that everything is sugar-free!


Kids will also enjoy the candy corner having some assorted confectionaries. Dinner buffet rates also include bottomless iced tea or juice. For almost 2 hours of satisfying our hunger, we settled on a cup of freshly brewed coffee to stir down all the food we successfully rammed into our tummies. It was indeed a Saturday night of quality and exemplary feast in Quest Hotel’s Puso Restaurant.

Ground Floor, Quest Hotel Cebu
Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu
Contact Nos.: +6332-402-5999 / +6332-230-5888
Email: cebuinfo@quest-hotels.com



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