CEBU | Where to Eat in Cebu: Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly


One of the most celebrated food in Cebu is “lechon”, sorry for those with hypertension. Cebuanos really have their own distinct and precious way of preparing ‘the best pig ever’ as what Bourdain praised during his visit. I planned to list down all lechon places in Cebu yet I wasn’t able to try everything because of one place, Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly. Everytime I crave for lechon, there’s a 97.3% I’ll end up with one of their branches.

I encountered the lechon restaurant in Parkmall in Mandaue City when Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Cebu met Dong Ho who had a layover in Mactan airport. Their kiosk is located in one of the busy corners of the mall and has minimal dining tables. On your desired gram, the carved roasted meat will literally bring dribbles.

Crispy yet chewy skin, juicy meat, and aroma and spices that greatly amplifies the flavors, will be the elements of a magical pig-out, no pun intended. In addition, create and mix your own dip out of sukang pinakurat (vinegar) and soy sauce, and bout the lechon together with some puso (wrapped rice).

Aside from their branch in Parkmall, I also visit Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly in Mango Avenue and usually order a value meal worth Php90 with 100grams of luscious boneless lechon and 3 pieces of puso. In one of our food trips, I found out that they are also located in City Time Square, just across Parkmall, where they offer more dishes out of lechon.

Some interesting items they have are Lechon Dugu-dugo (PHP75) or simply diniguang lechon (blood stew), Lechips (PHP130), Beef Stew (PHP90), Lechon Rolls Regular (PHP65) or Spicy (PHP70), and Boneless Lechon Sisig (PHP160). These are in addition to the boneless lechon they offer. They also accept orders for whole boneless lechon.

CEBU’S ORIGINAL LECHON BELLY was conceptualized, innovated, and owned by the Gochan family in Cebu. They were the first in this original technique to prepare, process, and slow-roast a whole pork belly and produce the amazingly delicious boneless lechon. COLB has already opened more than 30 outlets in entire Cebu, Manila and some key cities in the country.

City Time Square Branch, Mandaue City, Cebu
Contact No.: 0942-488-1200


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