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Aside from the tourist attractions available, food also leave an impression on your stay in a certain destination. I’m not hearing much about restaurants in town so I was eager to discover places where to eat in Coron. On my stay in Coron, I’ve got to try different food offerings from appetizers, sizzlers, main course to desserts and drinks. Here are the places and the food I’ve tried during my stay:

Coron Restaurants Uncovered!

Starter: WG Burger at WG Diner

Since I was still searching for a place to dine during my third night in Coron, I found myself in WG Diner as suggested by acquaintances I’ve met in town. They said that their burger is huge at Php 85. When I went through their menu, prices for sizzlers and main courses are costly since most of the servings are good for groups. I just decided to order the burger having no expectations on its size and taste. I was shocked when it was served! The first word that came out from my mouth was “gaplato” (on a size of a plate). The patty of the burger was just okay but I love the way it complemented with the cucumber, lettuce, tomato and their sauce. On the other hand, the fries that came with it were really good.

WG Burger for Php 85.

Sizzler: Pork Sisig at Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station

For my second night, I made my way to Lolo Nonoy’s since it is one of the recommended places by the locals. Their best seller for the set meals is the Pork Sisig as per the staff who got my order. I’m not a fan of sisig so I was expecting something from their version of the dish. Serving was not that big, a creamy sauce (not sure if it was mayonnaise) was poured over the sisig and finished by the fresh egg. Due to its creaminess which overpowered the spiciness of the sizzler, I didn’t enjoy the meal. I should’ve ordered liempo or something grilled.

Pork Sisig at Lolo Nonoy’s (Php 90).

Soup: Bulalo Special at Big Mama’s

Soup dishes such as Sinigang, Bulalo and Pinapaitan are the forefront in the menu of Big Mama’s so I decided to try the Bulalo Special. I got a table near their cooking area and I got to see up-close how they prepare the soup. The bulalo was served boiling and I love the way it was presented, cute bowl on a basket. The soup was great plus the meat was so tender, the bones has no marrow though. I also asked for red chili to intensify the soup experience and I gave up with the kick it brought to the soup.

Bulalo Special of Big Mama’s (Php 150).

Breakfast Meal: Tapsilog at Centro Coron

As a complimentary inclusion on my stay in Daven’s Palace, breakfast was served in Centro Coron and I’ve tried their Tapsilog. I do prefer salty than sweet flavor on tapa so I was happy when the taste was not so sweet, perfect with the garlic rice and the medium-cooked egg.

Premium tapa served at Centro Coron (Php 150).

Grilled: Half Slab Baby Back Ribs at Santino’s Grill

For my last dinner in Coron, I rode a “taxicle” to Santino’s Grill which is a bit far from the town proper, fare is Php 10. I didn’t recognize the place from the road first since it has only a small frontage and was hidden on a shrub of ornamental plants. When I entered the place, most of the tables on the main dining hall were occupied. I went inside on the al fresco part near the nipa huts and settled. From my table, I can already smell the mouth-watering food being cooked in their kitchen.

Appetizing Baby Back Ribs at Santino’s Grill (Php 275).

A crew handed me the menu that was divided into starters, soups, seafood, sizzlers, grilled, veggies and salad. They also have breakfast meals and family combo specials but I went directly on the grill portion since they’re known for it. I ordered a half slab of their Baby Back Ribs lavished with their signature sauce. Waiting time was too long but it was compensated when I saw the serving of the grilled ribs. I even double-checked with the crew if she’s sure that it was only a half slab. The meat was so tender and saucy but not that too flavorful. But when I tried it with the sour cream-onion dip that comes with it, the taste was intensified! So perfect and really melts inside my mouth. The grilled ribs were served with a scoop of mashed potato.

Dessert: Leche Flan at Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station

Since I was so full after my dinner in Santino’s Grill, I didn’t get the opportunity to try the desserts in Ice Valley. Suggestion for this though is the cheap leche flan in Lolo Nonoy’s for Php 40. It was okay and paid off the price for it.

Leche Flan (Php 40).

Drinks: Mango Shake at Big Mama’s and Strawberry Shake at Santino’s Grill

For drinks, there are also bars available in the area but it’s too tiring to go there after every meal so I just had coolers and shakes on the places I have dined. I ordered a Mango Shake during my dinner at Big Mama’s at Php 50 and Strawberry Shake in Santino’s Grill at Php 70. Even they’re different flavors, I do prefer the quality of the shake served in Santino’s than in Big Mama’s, but considering also the prices.

Strawberry Shake (Php 70) and Mango Shake (Php 50).

I spent a total of Php 910 for all the food I had (lunch were included in the island hopping tour packages I got from Calamianes Expedition and Eco-Tours). So when in Coron, try also to create your own meal courses by visiting the restaurants I found (and others I haven’t) and try the food offerings on their menus.


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