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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day not just for the energy you will get from it but it will also somehow dictate your mood for the day. I just love how Gabby’s Bistro in Dumaguete City hyped up its way of serving breakfast to its customers.

Weeks prior to the trip, we were searching for a place to stay in Dumaguete City and found this cool and chic accommodation, Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast. The rooms and lounge areas are too quirky and cute that we immediately decided to place a reservation. Unfortunately, the number of rooms available wasn’t enough to accommodate our group.

Very airy surrounding of Gabby’s Bistro.

A bit sad, our attentions were diverted to their same-level quirkiness restaurant and hefty food servings. This led us to insert the visit to Gabby’s Bistro in our itinerary. And before we made our way to Twin Lakes, we reassured that we won’t be starving again by having a heavy breakfast at the restaurant.

Swiss Style, Baconsilog, and Gabby’s Breakfast.

If the tricycle driver is not familiar with Gabby’s Bistro or Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast, mention Florentina Homes at Cimafranca Subdivision. The coziness of the place is overflowing and can be felt immediately upon entering the compound. Aside from the colorful walls of the lodging house and the bistro, the bounty plants all over the place adds a relaxing mood.

Artsy interiors of the cafe.

We were accommodated in the rear dining area of the restaurant as vacant booths in the main dining hall were too small for our group. Tables were covered with checkered cloth while the chairs were draped with colorful prints. The walls have several art collections such as paintings, mosaics, old McDonald’s happy meal toys, and other cool items.

Gabby’s Bistro serves breakfast from 7AM to 10AM and offers Filipino Silogs and American Platters. Our orders went for Gabby’s Breakfast (Php185), Swiss Style (Php175), Baconsilog (Php165), and Tuyosilog (Php155). What’s nice here is that you have several options for your egg: sunny side-up, scrambled, cheese omelet, over-easy, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, and poached.

Bored? Not a word in Gabby’s dictionary.

Waiting time is a bit long but you can roam around the area and take some Instagram worthy photos. Aside from that, the paper placemats are alternative to kill boredom as the crew will provide a bowl of crayons you can use to color the drawings.

Gabby’s Breakfast has 2 pieces of spam or sausage, hash brown, 4 slices of toasted bread, 2 eggs, jam, and butter. Swiss Style, on the other hand, gives you the chance to choose from bacon, ham or sausage that will go with the hash brown, baguette, cheddar cheese, and 2 eggs. The Filipino silog comes with 2 eggs, garlic rice, and achara. All breakfast meals come with brewed coffee, tea or orange juice.

Baconsilog (Php 165).
Seems to be NSFW. LOL. Swiss Style Breakfast (Php175).

Hash brown was promising, crunchy on the inside and out. You can savor the high-quality of the sausages served on the platters. Bacon was not that super crispy but serving was hefty. I was also impressed on how they transformed the typical “tuyo” (local version of anchovies) into a tasteful meal. I wasn’t able to consume the overwhelming baguette but the sheet of cheddar cheese wasn’t a great addition.

Gabby’s Breakfast (Php185).
Tuyosilog (Php155).

For those people who love dining in a café that gives a light and enjoyable character, Gabby’s Bistro is highly recommended. We had a great time staying at the cozy and cushy abode of the bistro and the big servings of the meals we had weren’t simply just as breakfast.


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  1. I’m currently in Dumaguete City attending the Opening of Buglasan Festival 2016, and we were advised to visit this beanery tonight. The minute I was about to check some reviews, your blog appears and so I checked it. Thank you so much for sharing about this one, this eventually where we eat with my travel buddy..


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