MOUNTAIN PROVINCE | Where to Stay in Sagada: Alibama Inn


It’s been months when I started traveling solo and for longer trips, inns and lodging houses play an important role in my stay on a certain destination. I usually stay in backpacker hostels that are solo and budget friendly. Budget accommodation to be considered has rates not more than Php 300, for me.

alibama inn sagada
Alibama Inn and Pinikpikan Restaurant’s facade.
My room for 2 nights in Sagada.

On my stay in Sagada, I first checked the most recommended Residential Lodge and George Guesthouse but both were fully occupied. A staff of George’s suggested the nearby Alibama Inn. I asked the people in Pinikpikan Restaurant if there are any vacant room, luckily there was. The rate is 250 per head per night and has a common toilet. I agreed and was handed the key immediately.

Spacious and clean toilet and bathroom.

The toilet is the very important part that I’m checking on a hostel to stay in. If the common bathroom is clean, I get the room with common CR but if not, I’ll go with the solo room having its own toilet and bathroom. In the case of Alibama Inn, their common toilet is clean!

Double rooms, still Php 250 per head per night.

Solo rooms have no air conditioning unit nor fans, do you still need that in spite of the chilling feeling in Sagada? I also noticed that the white bed-sheet and the blanket were thick for the weather in the area.

Couple rooms at the 3rd floor.

The room has a table on the side where you can put your things on. When I checked in, I had a short conversation with the owner Tita Graal who was straining the honey she harvested from her mini bee farm at the back of her house. I knew from her that Alibama Inn is the official residence of participants of Travel Factor Conquer Sagada.


Unfortunately, they don’t have hot showers but you can borrow their water heater to heat a pail of water that can be used for your hot bath. The location of the inn is far from the town proper but is walking distance from the Saggas Tourist Information Center and restaurants such as Lemon Pie House, Yoghurt House, Salt and Pepper, and Pinikpikan Restaurant which is located just below the inn.


Dao-Angan, Sagada, Mountain Province
Contact No.: +63920-8135797


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