ZERMATT | Captivated by the Matterhorn: A Winter Wonderland in Zermatt


The moment we decided to include Zermatt in our European itinerary, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The reason? For years, I had etched one majestic peak in my mind – the Matterhorn. This iconic mountain, a symbol of the Alps, was calling to me. So, we found ourselves in Zermatt, a charming Alpine town nestled in the heart of Switzerland. Two days of adventure awaited us, and the anticipation was solid.

zermatt switzerland

Our humble abode in Zermatt was the charming Zermatt Youth Hostel. What made it all the more special was our room’s window view, which framed the Matterhorn perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to our Zermatt adventure. As we entered our room, the majestic Matterhorn came into view, its snow-covered peaks gleaming in the morning sun. It was as breathtaking as I had ever imagined.

zermatt switzerland
Matterhorn from our room.

We dedicated our first day to simply wandering around the town. Zermatt, in the winter, is a paradise for those who adore the great outdoors. Wooden chalets adorned the streets, and the joyous sounds of people relishing the snow filled the atmosphere. Cozy restaurants and shops lined the streets, offering everything from local chocolates to hand-knit sweaters. Despite the chill in the air, the ambiance was warm and inviting.

zermatt switzerland

One of the things that immediately caught our attention was the ubiquitous presence of skiers. Zermatt is a ski enthusiast’s heaven, and people of all skill levels flock here to conquer the slopes. We watched seasoned skiers gracefully descended the hills, their colorful jackets contrasting brilliantly against the white backdrop of the mountains. We strolled through the charming streets, taking in the Alpine architecture and the picturesque views at every corner.

zermatt switzerland skiiers
zermatt switzerland skiing

On our second day, we decided to simply immerse ourselves in the town’s atmosphere. Zermatt has a unique charm, and we wanted to soak it all in. The town had a rhythm of its own, one that was relaxed and unhurried.

Our Zermatt adventure was incomplete without visiting St. Mauritius Church, a gem in this Alpine paradise. The church, nestled amidst the snow-covered streets, exuded an aura of serenity and history that beckoned us inside. As we entered, the gentle light filtering through the stained glass windows cast a warm, inviting glow upon the rustic wooden pews.

St. Mauritius Church’s interior showcased exquisitely carved wooden accents and told the town’s history through religious art, blending history and artistry. It provided a sense of solace and reflection, contrasting with the brisk winter air outside. We paused to admire the church’s timeless beauty, recognizing its cultural and historical importance to Zermatt. Amidst nature’s grandeur, the town’s spiritual core embodies tradition and serenity, a reminder found in this visit. We ended our walk around Zermatt with a short hike to Zermatt Matterhorn Viewpoint.

zermatt switzerland
Three different shots taken from the same viewpoint.

As our time in Zermatt drew to a close, we decided to savor the last moments in a way that felt quintessentially European. On our way back to our hostel, we dropped by the local convenience store, where we got an affordable bottle of wine. It wasn’t a prestigious vintage, but it had that charming local touch. To accompany our wine, we added an assortment of cheese samples and expertly sliced cold cuts that added a savory balance to our selection.

Finally meeting Matterhorn.

With our newfound treasures in hand, we returned to our hostel and made our way to the cozy common area. The setting was rustic, with wooden beams and warm lighting, creating a perfect atmosphere for a laid-back evening. We spread out our impromptu picnic on the wooden table and settled into our comfortable seats.

Doner from one of the restaurants near the church.

Our journey to Zermatt was a reminder that sometimes, it’s the natural wonders and the small, picturesque towns that leave the most lasting impressions. This adventure had ignited a love for the mountains, and we would forever etch the majesty of the Matterhorn in our minds.



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