KUALA LUMPUR | Plaza Premium Lounge: 12-hour Layover Affair in KLIA2


Finding the cheapest route to a destination is one of the strengths of budget travelers. Monitoring seat sales from different airlines utilizing different hubs to create the perfect and most affordable route. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is one of the busiest and known hubs for low-cost airlines in Asia. Last time I had a connecting flight via KLIA2, the flight difference was unfortunately 12 hours. Not a problem because Plaza Premium Lounge was there to save me.

plaza premium lounge gateway klia2

Staying for long hours at the airport is not an issue for travelers who could endure a deafening environment. This is manageable if the gap between flights is below 4 hours. But a 12-hour layover was really pathetic and the best way to spend it is to stay at airport lounges that can provide everything you need. Lazing at Plaza Premium Lounge was more convenient than making my way out of the airport to Kuala Lumpur.


Plaza Premium Lounge has delights for travelers, business and leisure alike, staying at the airport before their connecting flights. The lounge offers comfortable seating, an enticing food and beverage selections, shower with amenities, and high-speed WiFi internet connection. In addition are workstations, entertainment facilities, flight monitoring screens, and private suites and VIP rooms.

plaza premium lounge gateway klia2


There are 2 areas of the lounge: near the buffet station with comfy seats and the other having seats with curved and upholstered lumbar support. Based on my observation and profiling, business travelers stay on the lounge near the exit because of the flight monitoring screen, some power plugs, and table and seats more appropriate for catching up with work. While backpackers, with bulky and tall bags, laze on the other side where they could catch some naps. Guests availing hours on the common lounge also have access to the lounge’s shower facilities. There are also desktop computers near the front-desk open for guests who need to browse the internet.

plaza premium lounge


Buffet serves simple yet varied options from freshly baked breads and pastries, veggie salad with vinaigrettes, hot soup, stir-fry veggies, pasta, and meat. For mornings, don’t be surprised if you see a bowl of steamed rice for a do-it-yourself Nasi Lemak, a famous Malay rice dish. Beverages include but not limited to fruit juices, BOH tea, and coffee from espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and hot chocolate via the vending machine. The small fridge contains bottled water, cans of sodas, and COLD BEER!

plaza premium lounge


If the fuzzing crowd of departing and arriving passengers bothers you, Plaza Premium Lounge’s private rooms serve as haven from the jostles of the airport. The lounge has 24 rooms that spread on single rooms (one single bed), studio (one bunk bed), traveler suite (two bunk beds), and family suite (two twin beds and one bunk bed). Except for single rooms that are also available for 3, and 10-hour booking, all rooms can be booked for 5 hours ranging from MYR238 to MYR568.

plaza premium lounge

Single suite rooms are not that spacious yet suggest conveniences that hotels away from KLIA2 provide: luxury, comforts, and relaxation. The comfy mattress has clean and soft sheets and 2 massive pillows. I wish the tiny wall-mounted desk, more of a rack, on the side of the bed is bigger for people who want to continue working in front of their computers. A bigger working station is available near the bathroom yet space is too cramped for working. This will encourage you to relax and sleep while waiting for your next flight.

plaza premium lounge

For a lounge, I didn’t expect anything on the en-suite bathroom. But the facility shocked me; sink with large vanity mirror, toilet has bidet, and hot and cold shower. Shower has handheld and overhead spouts, fresh and clean towels, and shower amenities like shampoo and shower gel. When I checked the drawer, added perks such as dental kit, shaking kit, and hair dryer stunned me.

plaza premium lounge
plaza premium lounge



On my arrival, the front office was a bit busy with the staff accommodating newly arrived guests. I patiently waited for my turn but the lady in-charged worked double-time by simultaneously accommodating two guests. She was able to handle the situation by asking for the forms to be completed and confirming payments for others. When she verified my reservation, instead of letting me wait for someone to assist me to my room, she offered the buffet on the common lounge for me to grab a glass of cold soda or a plate of pasta.
plaza premium lounge
plaza premium lounge
Staff manning the buffet were also attentive in making sure that all items on the spread have enough items for the guests. They regularly refill empty dishes and replenish the fridge with cans of soda, bottled water, and even beer. The staff at the front-desk also asked me details about my flight for a wake-up call.


The lounge also caters departing guests with their location at the KLIA2 international departures. The lounge, unlike the one in gateway@klia2, has no private rooms and only offers lounge seats. Aside from the buffet that includes breads and pastries, fruit juices and coffee, and cup noodles, a counter is available to accommodate orders for available ala carte meals on their menu. You can also ask for a glass of soda, take some peanuts, and fruits. If you’re flying back to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air, the lounge is just across the gate that the airline usually uses for its boarding.
plaza premium lounge
plaza premium lounge
Layover is one of the pet-peeves of most travelers. It’s a great time to finish reading some books or watch TV series for others, yet a tiring waiting game for some. Focusing on your destination during layovers is a nice idea to avoid airport stress. Yet the buzzing announcements, the piercing noise of the crowd, and rushing passengers adds up to your stress and travel fatigue already crept in before you know it. If long hours of waiting is not for you, then staying in airport lounges like Plaza Premium Lounge is a perfect way to address and avoid airport stress.

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Arrival: Level 2M, Gateway@klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Website here.
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily
+ 603 8787 8396

International Departure: Level 2, International Departure, klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (next to Gate L8)
Opening Hours: 0400 – 0000 daily
+603 8787 1463

Disclosure: Thanks to Plaza Premium Lounge for accommodating me on my layover in KLIA2. All opinions stated on this post are my own.



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