3 Places to Eat in Siargao Island: Patrick’s on the Beach, Kermit, and Buddha Surf Resorts


You enjoyed the waves in Cloud 9 and the result of your excitement in riding the waves led to a starving tummy. Not a problem because Siargao Island has a lot of places to offer when it comes to dining and I had the opportunity to try some during our visit. We didn’t surf by the way, but we were famished all the time so we were forced to find decent places to satisfy our appetite. Here are 3 places to eat in Siargao Island:

Patrick’s on the Beach

The restaurant is situated near the shoreline and settling in one of their cottages by the beach will provide a great view of the enormous sea with Guyam and Daku islands afar.


I ordered Cowboy’s Feast (195 + service charge), corned beef perfectly sautéed with onions and sweet tomatoes served with sunny-side-up eggs and rice (or bread). Ate Nats went for Pancakes (Php 195 + service charge) served with honey syrup, crispy slices of bacon, and eggs.

Kermit Surf Resort

The dark alley led us to the grounds of Kermit Surf Resort and we were welcomed by the Pre-Jungle Friday Buffet worth Php 300. The supposedly ala-carte dishes to try were held up when a staff told us that we can sample some of the food on their menu on the buffet spread. Unfortunately, the dishes the staff mentioned were not served.

Anyways, the Php 300 worth buffet is a bit pricey in terms of the items served, but it will be affordable if you have a big appetite and can go back at the spread for a couple of times, like me!

The in-house chef, Gringo, regularly goes around the hall to ask how were the food served. Food offered that night were Bacolod chicken inasal with peanut sauce, pumpkin soup, eggplant salad, and grilled fish.

Food were all great: the peanut sauce gave a flavorful twist on the usual chicken inasal, you can also savor the freshness of the fish because of its sweet meat, and it was my first time to try eggplant salad with slices of cucumber.

Buddha’s Surf Resort

Buddha Surf Resort specializes in Thai cuisines and Pad Thai is their bestseller. However, due to the unavailability of some ingredients, we weren’t able to sample it. We still went Thai though, ordering Chicken Satay and a bowl of Yellow Chicken Curry.

I’ve never been to Thailand so I can’t attest how close the flavors of their meals to the authentic ones. But I can assure that they’re really flavorful. The plate of Chicken Satay has 6 skewers of succulent grilled chicken covered with spicy seasonings and served with a thick peanut sauce.

For the Yellow Curry, the spiciness is just right that will require you to order another cup of brown rice. Praises go to the potatoes which weren’t overcooked. The meals completed the Thai ambiance that Buddha offers.

With the thriving tourism in the destination, the local restaurateurs, and even foreigners, created different ways to satisfy the taste buds of the visitors and these three restaurants are only some of the numerous places available on the island.



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