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Perhaps you already observed the way your friends rave when they heard Oh My Gulay everytime you ask something about the place. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, Oh My Gulay is one of the most recommended places to enjoy food when in Baguio City.

As the saying goes, “Mapapamura ka sa sarap!” ng kanilang Anak ng Putanesca.

They are located on the uppermost floor of La Azotea Building along Session Road. The restaurant is also dubbed as a “Paradise in the City” because of the blend of nature and cityscape. It is owned by Eric de Guia also known as Kidlat Tahimik, a famous film director, writer and actor from Baguio. Different art installations and paintings are all over the place.

I entered the building from the crowded streets of Session and traversed the flight of stairs going to OMG. I entered the vicinity as if I was transported somewhere where I can enjoy Mother Nature’s serenity.

Oh My Gulay’s “The Ark.”

There are several dining areas but the most suggested spots are those that are near the windows overlooking the view of the city. Another superb art installation is the ark where the counter is located. Paintings are also scattered around the area with some created by famous local artists like Emmanuel “Manix” Santos, Victor Oteyza and BenCab.

After we fed our eyes, let us now go to the food. The menu was also a result of the artistic mind of the owners with appetizers such as Bulaklak Tempura and Onyon Rings Yon, salads such as Cesar Asar and Waldorfesto, Anak ng Putanesca, Pestong Kamatis and Pasta Mestizo for pastas, Chow-chow and Pancit Gulay for noodles and rice meals like Sibuyas Kabute Omelet, Sili Omelet and Mushroom Onion Crepe.

Carvings, paintings are everywhere.

They also have crepes as desserts like Mansanas, Mangga, Super Sosy, and Saging and Mani Love Affair. For drinks, they offer Iced Mocha, Dayap Iced Tea, Limonada, Mangga Fresh, Tsokolate, Tsaa and Kape. I finally settled my curiosity by ordering Anak ng Putanesca (Php 130), Mangga crepe (Php 40) and a glass of Limonada (Php 75).

I didn’t mind the waiting time since I got a seat near the window where I enjoyed the view and at the same time the cold weather of the city. The crew served the Limonada first and a sip of the refreshing juice enabled me to relish the freshly squeezed native lemons.

Anak ng Putanesca (Php 130) and Limonada (Php 75).

Anak ng Putanesca came next. It was actually heavy for a single person. Unlike the other puttanesca I have tried, OMG’s version of the pasta is not too sour which I really liked. It has also olives and a lot of cheese plus a hint of cayenne pepper. The flavors blended so great that I had devoured it in just minutes considering that the serving was hefty.

To cap my meal in Oh My Gulay was the Mangga crepe topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The Mangga crepe has the right amount of sweetness when combined with the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate syrup. You can still taste the natural sweetness of the ripe mangoes that were stuffed in the crepe.

Manga crepe (Php 55) to cap my meal at Oh My Gulay.

Oh My Gulay is really a place to enjoy good food while enjoying the city view and the different art installations. Indeed an artist haven with wonderful ambiance and positivity, and really a must-visit in Baguio City.


5/F La Azotea Building, 108 Session Road, Baguio City
Contact No.: 074-446-0108
Facebook Page:


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