5 Things to Try and Buy in Baguio City Market


Aside from its cool climate, Baguio City is also being invaded by tourists for the numerous pasalubong items available. There are a lot of things to choose from such as souvenirs, ukay-ukays, and to flagship Baguio pasalubong.

The best place and probably the cheapest to avail them is at the Baguio City Public Market located at the far end of Session Road. I have listed down some items you can try and help you choose what items to bring home from your cool vacation.


An early morning walk at the market will give you the possibility of meeting a taho peddler ready to offer you a cup of hot Strawberry Taho. This is a product of the creative minds of the locals to infuse the sweet, red fruit to the usual syrup. Though pricier than the regular taho, you can appreciate the strawberry flavor in the staple early morning snack.


Maybe the name of the item is a bit off on the local language but it is actually a “kalamay”, a sticky sweet delicacy made of coconut milk, molasses, and glutinous rice. The kalamay is packed into halved pitogo (Sago Palm) shells and sealed with crepe paper and sold in bundles. With its unique packaging, you will literally sundot (pick) the kalamay inside the shells. The shells will then be nestled inside split bamboo and tied with a string. Sundot Kulangot is being sold at 3 bundles for Php 100.


These sweet delights are always part of my list every time we visit the market. You can ask the vendors for the stalls where you can buy one. The Leche Flan, or caramel custard, has the right amount of sweetness that you can eat a piece all by yourself without worrying that your sugar level might shoot up. The Ube Jam, on the other hand, can serve as a spread for bread or you can consume it like an Ube Halaya. Leche Flan and Ube Jam are being sold at 3 for Php 100.



These two tasty treats are the usual pasalubongs we get from friends visiting Baguio City because they are available in different packaging sizes at very affordable prices. Lengua de Gato are actually thin cookies that resemble obviously, a tongue. You can get 8 small packaging jars at Php 100. Peanut brittle on the other hand is a confection having pieces of hard sugar candy with peanuts. The price varies depending on the size and on the quality of peanuts used. You can get 3 for Php 100 for the regular and 5 for Php 100 for the smaller ones.


Ubiquitous in the locale is the sweet, small, red fruits that are available in every corner of the market, strawberries. Prices can go as high as Php 400 per kilo during its season. As per a strawberry vendor, freshness of strawberries can last for 3 days. If the price is inconsiderable for you, you can try the strawberry jam preserves at 3 for Php 100 for the regular jars.


Not to discourage you to buy on stalls near bus terminals, but prices of pasalubong goods in Baguio City Market are way cheaper. Here, you can also barter for discounts and if you bought a lot from the vendor, you might get a bonus item as an additional for free. So when in Baguio, pay a visit to the city market and try stuff mentioned here.



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