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Summer time is here and most of us if not planning to go to the beach will definitely find a cool and refreshing way to beat the summer heat. One way is by trying out summer snacks such as halo-halo, mais con yelo, shakes, ice candies and of course, ice cream! Do you know that a restaurant in Bicol has unique ice cream flavors different from your usual chocolate, cheese, and ube ice creams? Let me share with you my unique experience with the unique Bicol flavored ice creams.

Bicol flavored ice creams.

The only place in Albay serving these ice cream flavors is the 1st Colonial Grill restaurant. The place started in 2004 and in the year 2005 when they first launched their unique flavors.  Sili was the first flavor launched with malunggay, tinutong na rice, kalamansi, and pili added on the list after a year.

Sili, Tinutong na Rice, and Malunggay flavors.
Kalamansi flavor. The winner!

For 79 pesos, you can already enjoy a 3-scoop ice cream that can be assorted depending on your choice. What’s nice about the flavors is that they’re appetizing not just by looking at the colors but with the lasting taste in your mouth. I ordered assorted scoops of sili, malunggay, and tinutong na rice and a separate scoop of kalamansi. As per the store manager, must try flavor is the sili while the best flavor is the toasted rice.

A serving of Sili ice cream.

For the sili flavor, a hot feeling will be felt immediately upon your first spoon while a leafy taste will be manifested for the malunggay. On the other hand, the aroma of the toasted rice was really smelled on the ice cream and the sour taste of the calamansi intensifies the taste of the dessert. Ranking the 4 flavors, the list would be kalamansi, sili, tinutong na rice, and malunggay although all flavors were great!

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1st Colonial Grill Pacific Mall branch.

1st Colonial Grill has only 2 branches located in Villa Amada Building, Rizal St. Sagpon, Daraga and G/F, Pacific Mall, Landco Business Park, Legazpi. The restaurant also serves different dishes such as Tinapa Rice and Tinutungang Manok as best sellers. So if you’re in Bicol, don’t forget to try these unique ice cream flavors.


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