Sunset in Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu


My last jump on the Kawasan downstream canyoneering didn’t go well than what I expected. From the falls back to the tour operator’s headquarters, I was aching for a bruise on my left chest. I was sure that the injury wasn’t that serious because I was still breathing fine that time. But I was still worried about the incident. The guys planned to drop by Lambug Beach on our way back to the city, a nice idea to relax the bruise.

lambug beach

Shugah, of Wander Shugah, actually booked an overnight stay near the beach before her plans of going to Dumaguete City. We spent the late few hours of the afternoon just lazing by the beach. The ladies brought their beach towels that served as our picnic mats. The group munched on some chips and a cheap bottle of soda while waiting for sunset.

Sunset in Lambug Beach, Badian

I’ve never been to the beaches on the west coast of Cebu despite Moalboal having two famous beaches. Lambug Beach, in Badian, is just a short strip of beach dotted with few stores selling snacks and beverages to tourists. Nearby houses started to offer overnight accommodations when they noticed the booming business of tourism.

lambug beach
The fifth one took the photo.

Under the shade of a tree, five travelers shared and laugh at random stories over chips and sodas. The sun was still blazing but we patiently waited for it to get meek. Sunset is one of the events that I look forward each day. As they say, it will be a different one every single day. Our office, perched on the topmost floor of a building in Cebu IT Park, offers a stunning sunset as long as the weather permits.

lambug beach badian cebu
Beach time!

We were about to catch a superb setting sun but the unforgiving clouds obstructed the fiery ball of fire. Nonetheless, different colors were spewed over the horizon making the scene still a great one.

sunset lambug beach cebu

When darkness started to crawl in, we prepared to leave on habal-habal back to the highway. Buses coming from the south heading back to Cebu City were all jam-packed. Standing for minutes was the only solution to our problem. It was a short day trip to the south and striking two activities in a day was already enough to prepare for a busy week on the demanding city life.

Photo credits: Thanks to Brennan of Baktin Corporation and Doi of The Travelling Feet for the photos.


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