Boracay Toilet: Quirkiest Restaurant in Boracay Island


Sun just disappeared from the horizon and I was walking from Diniwid Beach back to White Beach when I thought of a new restaurant listed down on My Boracay Guide Book I got in Caticlan Jetty Port. As I walked along Station 1, I tried to locate the place as it was stated to be found in that area. Passing by Cocomangas, the bar known for the ‘Still Standing at 15’, I saw the colorful sign of Boracay Toilet.

The narrow alley from the beach brought me to the road where the building is located. Boracay Toilet is on the second and third floor of that building. Ascending the flight of stairs on my right are colorful toilet covers that ironically revamp a part of the wall.

The dining area was exemplary designed in line with the restaurant’s name: glasses on top of bath tubs supported by some plastic riser tubes serve as tables, real toilet bowls with colorful covers as seats, while plungers and chamber pots (arinola) play as lighting fixtures.

Menu itself is also in a shape of a toilet cover. I praise the clever concept of the place but I really salute the creative mind who created the menu, specifically the names of the dishes available. Like the usual, they offer appetizers, main courses, veggies, sandwiches, and desserts. It was a crazy moment going over the menu reading some dishes like, Chicken Pork A-POO-POO, PEE-stek Tagalog, Sea-POOP Platter, PEE-nakbet, Pork SHIT-sig, Crispy Pork Binag-UU-ngan, Inihaw na Liem-POOP, and even UTOT MO-ron.


From the selection, I ordered Pork SHIT-sig, a scoop of rice (which is not yet included in the viands), and iced tea. I asked the crew if there are any flavors available for the beverage but he said that it’s just the regular one but they’re adding something to it, hopefully the secret thing is not urine. LOL.

While waiting for my food, I played around with their photo area and asked a crew to take photos. I washed my hands in the urinal that serves as the washing area and took photos in a big toilet bowl and a bigger urinal. I was curious and asked if they have the real toilet, which the crew immediately answered yes, on the third floor.


First came was a scoop of rice, in a shape of a poop, on a plate that resembles a bathroom sink. It was followed by the urinal of iced tea, literally, with a lot of foam that looked like a real urinal with a lot of piss that wasn’t flushed. Anyway, the iced tea was good and not stinky. Last was the sisig, minced grilled pork ears with a lot of onions, chili, and crushed fried pork rinds. Nothing wow but nice enough for a decent dinner in the island.

With a lot of restaurants in the famous island, it’s also a challenge for the business owners, especially the start-ups, to formulate a unique way to attract tourists and also on how they will make a mark on every visitor. Boracay Toilet is probably the quirkiest place to dine in Boracay Island lately because of its clever concept and interiors.


Balabag Plaza, Station 1
Boracay Island


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