Boracay’s Five Less Crowded Beaches


We frequently see White Beach, the infamous Boracay beach, where you can have the cool happenings in the island, in photos of our friends flaunting their Boracay escapades online. A thing they don’t know is that the island has other beaches to offer and I was able to discover five of them; sand is also white and powdery, water is also clear, but minus the dominating crowd.

Famous White Beach of Boracay.


First on the list is a short strip of white sand just 5 minutes from Station 1. It is not that well-kept anymore since I have been reading about it online prior to my visit. The spot is popular among foreigners who love to sunbathe without the dilemma of being stepped on by someone because the beach doesn’t have the horde of people.

Diniwid Beach.

There are also several hotels nearby that offer beers and cocktails during happy hour. The laid-back surroundings add up to the coziness of the beach with the sparkling water crashing on its shore. The rocks that dot some parts of the beach serves as a venue for stone balancing acts by kids living in the area. It is also a great spot to wait for sundown.


The beach is actually part of the island hopping activity being offered to tourists. However, I found out that it can also be accessed just by having a motorcycle ride going to the north. A narrow alley beside Balinghai Beach Resort’s entrance will lead you to another white sand beach of Boracay.

Punta Bunga Beach.

It is relatively more serene here compared to Diniwid as a part of Punta Bunga is the beachfront of ShangriLa Boracay. In the islet, located midway of the strip of sand, are locals creating some handicrafts and souvenirs that are being sold to tourists.


Puka Beach is the second longest beach on the island, and slowly being duplicated next to White Beach. Like Punta Bunga, it is also part of the island hopping activity. Tourists don’t know is that they can go to this spot just by a 15-minute ride from D’Mall at Php 15.

Puka Beach.

Stalls selling souvenirs and food and refreshments welcomed me in Puka Beach. Walk by the beach and you will be offered fresh buko juice at the most expensive Php 100 ever, but this will be your ticket to stay on the lounge chairs made of bamboo, under the shades of the makeshift cottages. Though a little commercialized, I didn’t see any accommodations near the shoreline.


Ilig-iligan is not ideal for swimming but is perfect for water sports like skimboarding, paddle boarding, and surfing, as the waves are stronger compared to the others. The normal sight here, aside from the powdery sand, and turquoise water, are some islets jutting out from the sea.

Ilig-iligan Beach.

The beach is off the beaten from the tourist’s radar as the place has no restaurant and accommodation. I just walked from Puka Beach to Ilig-iligan that took me around 20 minutes. There are no public transportations and for you to go to the beach, it’s either renting a motorcycle, chartering a tricycle, or availing a service from your hotel.


Located on the other side of the island opposite to White Beach is Bulabog Beach. The beach, though penetrated by numerous accommodations and restaurants, still seemed to be less crowded and commercialized than White Beach.

Bulabog Beach.

It is considered as haven for kitesurfers, and sailers, as the wind on this part of the island is crazier. Yes, a crowd is present, but still it is a pristine place to relax, and unwind. Hear the whistling sound of the wind while watching those kitesurfers flip and accelerate on the water.

Going to these five beaches in Boracay Island needs a little more effort, a short walk or a Php15 ride. But this will lead you to a less crowded and isolated beach you can totally enjoy, minus the annoying crowd.


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