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Let’s face it, if you’re a solo traveler exploring a destination, finding tours might be tricky, especially if attractions are far apart and you don’t know how to drive a motorbike. The same goes for island hopping activities, where boat rentals sometimes eat up a hefty portion of your budget. Fortunately, in Bohol, tour agencies offering joined tours are readily available. These agencies provide budget-friendly options that are a big relief for solo travelers. Abraham Tours, the tour agency of Abraham Bohol, offers Bohol activities that are open for joiners. During my stay, I booked their Virgin Island Sunset Tour and the Bohol Countryside Tour, and both were incredibly fun.

virgin island sunset tour

Upon my arrival at Abraham Bohol, I informed the staff that I had also booked tours for my visit. The staff promptly verified my booking and checked the schedules. Once confirmed, she provided me with the meet-up times, and I took the opportunity to inquire about what items to bring. The rendezvous point for their tours is the resort’s expansive lounge.

Virgin Island Sunset Tour

When I began traveling around the Philippines, visiting sandbars became a must-do activity. Some of the iconic sandbars I’ve explored include Kalanggaman Island in Leyte, Bantigue Sandbar in Iloilo, the sandbar at Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate, Snake Island in El Nido, White Island in Camiguin, and Naked Island in Siargao. So, when I heard about another sandbar in Bohol, I knew I had to include it in my itinerary. Luckily, a joined tour from Abraham Tours was available, and affordable, which was definitely a major plus.

Snorkeling Activity

It’s a sunset tour, but it also includes a short snorkeling activity in a coral garden located somewhere in Cebu Strait. The team provides basic snorkeling gear at no additional cost, but if you have your own snorkeling set, it’s better to bring it along. Some members of the group brought their full-face masks. Don’t forget to bring underwater cameras too, as you might have the chance to encounter a sea turtle gliding with you while you snorkel, just like one of the members of our group did. The tour guides were incredibly regardful. Even if you planned not to snorkel, they had an alternative activity for you! You could enjoy milky coconut juice for refreshments, with added rum if you preferred a little kick!

clear waters of virgin island bohol

As the sun began its descent, we made our way to Pungtud Island, commonly referred to as the Virgin Islands. The sandbar only becomes visible during low tide. Upon our approach, nothing from the sandbar was visible, and the water was knee-deep, but it was still a great experience to walk around in the water. As time passed, the sandbar slowly emerged from the water, providing a perfect venue for even more fun.

virgin island bohol
approaching virgin island bohol
Approaching Virgin Island.

Sunset Viewing

If you think you’ll just stay on Virgin Island and watch the sun set, think again! The guides from Abraham Tours have plenty of surprises in store for you. Even if the sandbar is still underwater, they’ll prepare a spread of local desserts such as rice cakes (puto), cassava cakes, carioka, maja blanca, and bananas prepared in various ways (banana cue, maruya, and pinaypay). It was a feast perfectly complemented by the milky coconut juice. They also brought along mats and some adorable tiny chairs in case you preferred to sit on the beach. I also noticed beach volleyball and frisbees tucked inside their magic Tupperware boxes.

local desserts for snacks prepared by Abraham Tours
Pick your local desserts!

Another enjoyable part of the experience is the overflowing rum and coke! A bottle of local rum, Tanduay, and few bottles of Coca-Cola will surely add to the late afternoon fun. It’s all about relishing the sea breeze as the sun sets and engaging in conversation with other travelers about their future plans after visiting Bohol, or their experiences so far exploring the Philippines.

sunset at virgin island bohol
Spectacular sunset at Virgin Island.

Having traveled for 100 days straight in Southeast Asia back in 2017, I found it incredibly rewarding to connect with travelers who had been to the places I visited seven years ago. Sharing updates on tourism developments and exchanging stories was like music to the ears. Overall, it was a fun afternoon tour that exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail from Abraham Tours, from the snacks, beverages, and beach activities, made the experience truly enjoyable.


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