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“Take Exit D and turn right till you reach the traffic light. When you reach Beach Road, walk along the left side of the road. Cross Bussorah Street and we are right there at 285 Beach Road!” That’s the instructions on how to get to Five Stones Hostel stated on their colorful website.

five stones hostel singapore
Glass door on the left is for the common areas, while the brown door on the right goes to the upper floors of the hostel.

Time just hit eleven when I stepped out of Bugis Station. With the screenshot of the hostel’s guide on their website, my quest to find them started. I took right and went straight until I reached a traffic light. I crossed the pedestrian lane to stay on the left side of Beach Road. My 32L backpack was laughing as I navigated the dark yet safe alleys of Singapore.

Something was wrong when I reminded myself of the number, 285 Beach Road. I couldn’t find it. The splendid illuminating façade of Raffles Hotel Singapore asked me to stop. An American was busy taking a photo of the mansion-like exterior of the hotel. I stayed away from the charm that was holding me, I needed to find my hostel to take avenge on my heavy backpack.

five stones hostel singapore

When you’re in the Philippines and a random stranger, with a bulky bag in a dark roadside, asked if it’s okay to ask for directions, for sure there’s a great chance he’ll not respond. But my first meet with a stranger in Singapore didn’t turn that way. He instructed me to take a bus bound to Kampong Glam, route 100 if I remember it right, and there I could find Bussorah Street.

five stones hostel
Photos of guests decorate one wall of the ground floor.

With my pride to trust my navigation skills, I walked back to Bugis Station and continued my walk towards Kampong Glam area. I was dumb late to know that Google Maps work even if you’re not connected to the internet as long as you have a network and your destinations were saved offline. After almost twenty minutes, I saw Five Stones Hostel.

After filling in my details, handing my passport for verification, paying my one night stay and security deposit, they assisted me to my bed assignment. Top bunk and I didn’t like it. All people inside the room were already in deep slumber and turning the lights will probably make me an enemy. My phone’s flashlight served as my friend.

five stones hostel wall art
Singapore attractions in one of the walls of the hostel.

Dead tired from the long walk, the air-conditioning unit relieved the tensions on my body. Phone’s battery was getting low and since wall outlets are available per bed, I planned to recharge. It was that time when I realized that I’m in a country whose outlets are different from ours. I decided to go back to the front desk and asked if they have adapters. The staff on duty offered me one that unfortunately being sold at 5SGD per piece. Eager to charge my phone, I asked him if he can recharge it at their office without purchasing an adapter and verified if it’s free, he complied.

five stones hostel desktop computers
Bills of different currency and I can see some twenty peso bill on the board.

Hungry, I visited the neighborhood to look for food. Kampong Glam Cafe, on the same street where the hostel is, is luckily open up to 2 AM. Nasi Lemak and Kopi Cino were my first meal outside of my country.

Towels are not available but being rented for 2SGD all throughout your stay. I didn’t bring a towel with me and the fee of getting one from the hostel didn’t fit my taste as well. In short, I haven’t got a shower during my stay at the hostel; it was just eight hours so no big deal. I just decided to take a shower on the next accommodation that day.

five stones hostel entertainment lounge
Five Stone Hostel’s entertainment lounge for their guests.

A bed in a dorm room goes cheaper as the number of people the room can accommodate gets larger. I got a room at a mixed 8-bed room and got the booking at 22SGD. The beds are above normal, has a duvet, a normal pillow, and another tetrahedral-shaped pillow.

Shower rooms for male and female guests are separate. There are no toiletries provided but you can score some shampoo and soap from their lost and found box, items that were usually left by guests who recently checked out. I’m not sure how often they keep up the restrooms as it already have a stinky smell around midnight.

five stones hostel male toilet and shower
Female and male showers are separate.

One good thing, the hostel rate comes with free breakfast. But don’t expect some fancy meal. The breakfast just consists of cereals, bread with some spreads, coffee, fresh milk, and some orange juice. Nonetheless, it served as my filling breakfast for the first day of exploring Singapore.

What will kind of amaze you in Five Stones Hostel is the common lounge. On the ground floor are the front-desk and small waiting lounge. Next is a table having two desktop computers that you can use for online search. The common lounge is after with a television and some video games going on. At the far end are the dining area and the kitchen with an artsy mural.

five stones hostel dining kitchen five stones hostel dining kitchen

They have clean as you go policy so make sure to wash the dishes after using it. If you plan to check out some Singapore attractions, they also offer discounted tickets for some attractions. Other perks include the free WiFi which is quite fast, free coffee all day and free laundry facilities.

The original plan to stay at Changi Airport didn’t push through due to the turn-of-events that night. And the circumstances required me to book a short stay in Five Stones Hostel. I have already booked the other days in Singapore before my flight. It was a short stay and the hostel was one of the first places I’ve seen online offering the cheapest rates. I know it wasn’t cheap, but I needed to remind myself that I’m in Singapore and the price was already umm, affordable.

For a budget stay in Singapore, book your stay in Five Stones Hostel here.


285 Beach Road
Bussorah Street, Singapore
Contact No.: +65 6535 5607
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