Buying a Car Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


Apart from the travel sector, transportation is also one of the industries affected when the pandemic started. Everyone is mandated to stay indoors and only essential stuff like buying food supplies, medicines, and bank transactions are allowed. With this, most of the people in the transport industry were pinned down by the pandemic. Public transport and even ride-hailing vehicles were barred from plying the roads. During the first few months of the pandemic, having a car is really convenient because you can go out and do your essentials any time of the day, within the allowed time frame.

Buying a Car

Buying a car is a bit stressful since you need to check every way you can to find the best brand and model for you at the same time one that fits your budget. There are a lot of auto loan offers out there but you need to check personal expenses and cash flows before availing one. At some point, these loans can help you lessen the burden of paying for your car, but you also need to ensure that interest rates are reasonable and fit your finances.

To help you plan your finances and get details on how auto loans work, you can try calculating your car payments and plan your finances before availing of one. Here, you get to have an idea of your monthly payment, the total interest cost, and others. You also get to compare rebates vs dealer financing and compute operation costs.

Things to Consider After Buying a Car

Expenses don’t end during the process of purchasing a car. Additional expenses to be considered are car insurance, which is vital when it comes to owning a vehicle; registration and car title are also items you need to consider; and knowing the regular maintenance and necessary repairs. Lastly, gas budget will be a regular expenditure so make sure to make a room for it in your expenses.

Speaking of gas, another good thing the pandemic brought was the cheap price of petroleum. Since going out of the house was controlled, a minimal number of vehicles was allowed to go out at the height of the pandemic. This resulted in low demand for petroleum, hence, cheap prices. On the contrary, now that the world is getting back to normal, conflicts in different areas of the world affected the price of petroleum which skyrocketed to even 3 times the prices during the pandemic. This definitely stretches the gas budget of car owners.

Getting a new car is not as easy as acquiring a new appliance. There are a lot of items to be pondered especially when it comes to financing. Having the knowledge of how auto loans work will prepare you in handling your finances going forward, and also give you the power to transact with car dealers and agents.


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