How to Get Additional Budget for an Upcoming Trip


Most people say to travel only by your means and pick a destination that fits what’s in your bank account. I do agree with this because it’s better to enjoy your destination knowing that you have no worries about settling some finances after your trip. However, there are instances when you overlooked some expenses and the money in your bank account is short before the trip. Are you going to compromise some experiences or you’ll find a way to finance the upcoming trip in a few ways that are possible?

Don’t miss the beautiful sunset when in Boracay.

Borrow Money from Families and Friends

This is one of the most convenient ways to complete your travel budget as this will usually not incur any interest. I remember borrowing money from my siblings before an international trip last time because I didn’t remember paying an extra PHP1670 for the Philippine travel tax when leaving the country. I settled the money a few days after I got back. For sure you have supportive relatives and friends but it is always a good thing to settle it a few days once you get back. This is to return the favor of them lending you their money that might already be allocated for some expenses.

Find a Short-Term Work or Do Overtime at Work

If you still have ample time before your trip, you can find some extra work where you can earn a few bucks for your trip. Short-term work like babysitting, being a tutor, encoding, or applying as a service staff in a business of a friend or relative.

Sell Some Personal Stuff

Though this is a bit hard even for me, you can try selling some of the personal stuff or collections you have at home. I have a collection of Funko Pop and Gundam RG units and I believe these can serve me later when I need immediate funds for an upcoming trip. But I hope I won’t arrive at a point where I needed to sell them because it’s really hard to let go of some personal items. In addition, since plants became a thing during the pandemic, you can try selling some cuttings or propagations to some collectors you know.

Better to prepare enough funds than skip goodies at your destination like these Belgian chocolates in Brussels, Belgium.

This is the last option I can think of and not everyone agrees on this but this might help you finance your upcoming travels because YOLO (you only live once). Okay, some friends might hate me saying the last phrase but it’s important for you to enjoy your destination especially if you already have everything planned out. Imagine skipping a vital experience because you don’t have enough money to spend on it. You’ll regret not doing it when you get back, trust me.

Get a Loan from your Bank, or Cash Advance from your Credit Card

Going back, check your bank for the best and cheapest possible ways for you to get additional funding for your trip. Nowadays, you can get a cash loan without faxing and it will be processed in a few days, if not hours, with the money deposited directly to your ATM debit card. In addition, there are banks that offer cash advances and loans at the lowest interest possible. Also, credit cards are a good thing because you can plan out your budget and have some expenses transacted via the credit card than using your cold cash. Be sure to work with your payment cycle for you not to be incurred with interest and late payments.

Those are a few items you can try when your travel fund is a bit short for an upcoming trip. Some might not be that convenient but it’s not bad to check and weigh your ability to settle them once you get back from your trip. At the end of the day, going on a trip should allow you to enjoy and temporarily leave your daily routines behind. So it’s up to you how you’ll handle such cases and always travel by your means. It is okay to travel a few inches from it, but be sure not to allow this to be the reason for going out of synch with your finances.


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