Online Culinary Games: Cooking at Home During the Pandemic


Relocating back to my home province due to the COVID-19 pandemic provided more bonding time with my cousins, nieces, and nephews. More time than the occasional vacations I had when I was still working in the country’s capital. This is one of the advantages of the pandemic for most working professionals who were forced to work from home during this health crisis. Staying at home most of the time during these lockdowns led the family to enjoy cooking as a fun activity while at home.

Twin Bin, sorting garbage items from the conveyor belt.

Our family loves to eat and trying out some recipes and experimenting on snacks to munch on is a normal activity this pandemic. Before snack time, cousins scramble at our place to help with the preparations and the cooking process. With that, we also enjoy preparing the food apart from eating it.

For the kids to learn new stuff related to cooking and about the food they eat, I tried to find interactive online games. It’s great to have them exposed to actual recipes but it is also perfect to supplement this information with items beyond the usual activity we do. The searches led me to Culinary Schools.

Culinary Schools provides more than 150 online games for kids to acquaint themselves with cooking, culinary arts, farming, food, and also expose them to the restaurant business and hospitality-related careers. The pages are accessible via web or mobile making it more convenient for kids who are keen on using cellphones and tablets. There are no advertisements on the website making the games non-disruptive and more amusing.

The games in Culinary School are divided into five categories: Cooking and Kitchen Work, Food Education games, Serving Eaters, Farming, and another category for other fun-themed games.

Cooking and Kitchen Work

For kids to get familiar with cooking and helping with kitchen chores, this category presents three games that can help kids in different aspects like time-pressure for The Boiled Eggs and following recipes for Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake and Bunnicula’s Kaotic Kitchen. Tried Bunnicula’s and the game is indeed interactive and fun.

Help Bunnicula in his kitchen.

Food Education Games

For food education games, kids can learn to distinguish healthy from unhealthy food on Can I Eat It?, pattern detection and matching for Fruit Sorting Game, while Twin the Bin allows them to sort garbage items. In addition, Twin the Bin requires the player to collect the garbage coming from the conveyor depending on the category of the round: organic, paper, bottle, or glass.

Serving Eaters

To test children’s attention to detail, discover repetitive processes, and expose them to how a restaurant works, the Serving Eaters section provides a wide array of synergistic games. For Burrito Blitz, players need to help Barbara Gordon complete the orders of her customers on a taco and burrito stand. Customers will order different combinations of ingredients and players need to assemble the correct order and serve it to the customer before the time given is up.

Help Barbara with her Mexican resto.

Farms, Animals, and Farming

The last main category allows kids to get familiar with farming and planting with games such as Veggie Patch, Tractor Express, and Carrot Crisis among others. For Veggie Patch, join the Looney Tunes characters in sowing seeds, watering, and harvesting the plants such as carrots and beets.

It’s great to spend more time with your loved ones during this pandemic, but it is also challenging to find ways how to fight the boredom of staying at home more than usual. These home activities, together with these free and interactive online games will surely help in decreasing the anxieties of kids staying at home during this crisis. If you get a chance to spend time with your little cousins and nieces and nephews, don’t forget to visit and try the games available at Culinary


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