Cutting the Right Corners


When you are planning your holiday sometimes it is tempting to cut the odd corner and save a few pounds. There are certain things that you can save on such as reducing the amount of luggage that you take or traveling at night instead of the popular daytime flights. There is one thing which may feel like lost money, but an essential add-on that money can buy – travel insurance.

Many people neglect to buy travel insurance each year and end up with enormous bills due to unforeseen problems. What only costs just a few pounds at the time of booking could potentially save you thousands.

Of course we all hope that it won’t be needed, and many people don’t believe that anything will happen to them, however, it is not just the major disasters that insurance is there for. For instance, if you have an unexpected illness of a family member, either one that is due to travel out with you or somebody that you simply cannot leave during the illness, then the insurance will cover you for the cost of your lost booking. If you accidentally trip over and hurt yourself whilst abroad, you may need a couple of stitches – this can cost a lot of money abroad but a good travel insurance will cover it.

Many people live to regret the decision of not taking out holiday insurance, believing that their credit cards or private health insurance will cover it, but this is not always the case. The simplest thing is to invest in travel insurance at the time of booking your holiday. These days many of the travel agents can provide this, for example, Thomas Cook travel insurance is a great place to start. Then you can carry on with your holiday safe in the knowledge that if some minor or major misfortune should occur, you will not be left with a large bill at the end.

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