La Cozina Boracay: Latin American Dining Experience


Zuzuni Boutique Hotel was our humble abode during the later days of my third visit in Boracay. The stylish hotel was located on the upper floors of La Cozina Boracay, their in-house restaurant that serves Latin American cuisine. With the aroma we smell every time we passed by the restaurant, it was hard to resist taking a look at their menu.

la cozina boracay
La Cozina Boracay in Station 1.

Menu is not that varied which is actually good as you’ll know that the dishes are already perfected by the people behind the kitchen. They have salad, soup, tacos, pizza, fiesta rice, sandwiches, and main courses that include baby back ribs, chorizo bolognese linguini, squid ink, and mixed paella.

In one of the happy hours, we were comfortably chilling in one of their tables sipping on some cocktails when we decided to have dinner. From the fare available, we got chicken and shrimp taco, shrimp pesto pizza, Philly cheese-steak sandwich, chorizo bolognese linguini, and mixed paella.

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la cozina food

While waiting for the food, we noticed the simple yet striking ambience of the restaurant. They utilized blackboards bearing their menu on walls that somehow looked like an art gallery with the spotlights. Their playlist also sets the atmosphere very laid-back and hip. Some of the chairs even have pillows you could cuddle during your stay.

la cozina food

Our orders arrived one by one. The soft tacos bind the chunky chicken tossed with some fresh cubed veggies and sauce. Same goes for the shrimp version. The tacos were served with Chimichurri and chipotle with a house salad on the side.

soft tacos
Chicken Taco in Lime Sour Cream (Php240).

Shrimp Pesto Pizza was my favorite because of its super thin crust. It has generous amount of shrimp that perfectly blended with the cheese and a touch of cilantro. Believe it or not, I consumed half of the pizza. I was glad my companions cooperated with my greediness.

shrimp pesto pizza
Shrimp Pesto Pizzeta (Php390).

I’m not into chorizo because of its sweet taste but the chorizo on the bolognese linguini was not that sweet. The really explosive meat of the sausage magically turned the al dente linguini pasta into a flavorful meal without the need of other fancy ingredients. The food came to our table and set low expectations. But the first swirl of pasta I’ve tried changed the first impression and made me admire the food.

chorizo bolognese linguini
Chorizo Bolognese Linguini (Php250).

Philly cheese steak sandwich was oozing with juicy steak dripping with white cheese sauce. The toasted bread was crusty and added crunchiness to the sandwich.

philly cheese steak sandwich
Philly Cheese Steak (Php350).

We have tried the best items on their menu, but the best capped our dinner at La Cozina Boracay. Mixed Paella combines all available toppings with paella; chicken, shrimp, chorizo, and pork. The rice meal was served in a large pan with the thin layer of rice covering the base. The crew volunteered to prepare the paella for us, squeezing the lemons and scraping the rice from the pan.

la cozina paella
Mixed Paella (chorizo, chicken, shrimp, and pork) (Php460).

I don’t want to be exaggerated here but the first scoop of the mixed paella was really delicious. It’s delicious in the sense that there’s no need to chew the food for you to enjoy the remarkable flavors. The toasted layer of the rice also brings a unique paella experience with the added texture and crunchiness. They’re not claiming that they’re authentic, but their mixed paella will never disappoint you.

flourless lava cake
Mati Sin (Php290). Oven baked chocolate flourless lava cake.

That dinner in Boracay was closed by having a chocolaty goodness from the Mati Sin, a lava flourless cake with a scoop of ice cream. In addition, we didn’t forget to try their churros from Don Churro.

churros in boracay
Churros 3pcs (Php118).

Overall, food and ambiance of La Cozina Boracay is definitely a must-try when you’re in Boracay Island. The Latin American dining experience was achieved with the upbeat music being played and most of all the amazing food they serve.


Station 1, White Beach
Boracay Island, Malay Aklan


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