Hipmunk Hotels: Trail Destinations in Redding, Glendale, El Segundo, and more!


Hiking is a relaxing activity for many because it diverts them from their usual and boring daily routines. During this healthy walks, hikers enjoy the stillness and loamy smell of the trails. With the rapid urbanization, walking and hiking trails seems unreachable to the public and being contented with the nearby city park won’t resolve the nature craving.

verdugo mountains Photo by Downtowngal.

California, apart from its sandy coasts, boasts many hiking trails for beginners and professionals alike. Here are five trail destinations to consider when you are in California.

Sacramento River Trail

Redding, one of the premier trail destinations in the West, has the Sacramento River Trail, which makes every hiker’s visit a memorable one. It is a trail located along the banks of Sacramento River, a destination that offers untouched views of the nearby mountains. If you are not on rigorous hikes, the southernmost section of the trail slopes moderately then leads to an upscale complex. If you’re staying for the weekend, spend a few nights in a hotel in Redding to complete your experience.

Verdugo Mountains

Covering almost 500 acres, the Verdugo Mountains are part of the Transverse Range Systems. One of the famous trails in the South End Loop, which is actually a 5.8-mile loop trail located near Glendale. Getting into the summit will give you sweeping views of Los Angeles. The destination is also a wildlife island ecosystem, but unfortunately, it has become threatened by the urban development surrounding the area. Numerous trail runs and hikes are usually being organized in the destination. Hotel Brandwood is the perfect place to stay after a tiresome hike from the mountains.

Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park is a trail destination near El Segundo, California. Kids of all ages visit the park, which is named after a 100-foot high sand dune. You can start your hike at the 206-step stairs and continue to the sand dune. The trail is not for the faint-hearted, as the slope drastically increases as you get near the top. This is a great side trip from The Lakes at El Segundo.

Orcutt Hill Trail

Another trail, now in Santa Maria, spans 3.2 miles and loops around 306 acres of open space. You can download trail maps that are available on some websites, but you can also meet people on the trail who can help you find your way. Stunning sights are waiting for everyone with views of sand dunes and the ocean on a fine day. You can take your dogs during these walks, but please be sure they’re on a leash. When hiking is not for you, some hotels in Santa Maria offer views of Orcutt Hill.

Nojoqui Falls Trail

If you’re after a hike that rewards you with a majestic waterfall after a strenuous walk, Nojoqui Falls Trail in Santa Barbara is a great option. Towering trees canopy some parts of the trail, which ends at the eighty-foot waterfall. This trail is not for staunch hikers, but a bonding destination for families. The park is in Santa Barbara, but is also accessible just south of Solvang.



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