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Rain totally drenched Hanoi during the last three days of my stay in the city. Nexy Hostel served as my abode and it offered a warm and cozy ambience, a great reason to stay indoors. From spacious and vibrant lounge areas, filling breakfast, and quaint dormitory rooms, this new player in Hanoi’s backpacker scene will surely impress travelers.

nexy hostel hanoi facade
Nexy Hostel building towering the To Tich neighborhood.

The white façade of the hostel stands out from the rustic and old shophouses on a tiny alley in Hanoi Old Quarter. Its frontage is easy to miss but look for the classy signage with its name spelled out. A bigger NEXY word is on a wall in the lobby with each letter containing Vietnam provinces and destinations. Flat screen televisions are in the lobby playing few travel videos featuring Vietnam. Forget all the distractions and make your reservation verified for check-in.

nexy hostel hanoi reception and lobby
Nexy Hostel’s reception and lobby.

Nexy Hostel Dormitory Rooms

The 8-bed mixed dorm room assignment I had has its bed all on one side of the room making a hallway-like space on the other side. The bunk I got, apart from the main opening, has another opening of the same size on its side, an easier way to get in and out of the pod. I was thankful to get a lower bunk because I noticed that ladders for the upper ones were shared (look at the bunk beds on my photo to know what I mean).

nexy hostel hanoi dorm rooms
Shared rooms.

There’s a sink in the room so no more need to go to the shared bathroom for simple hand washing. I was not sure if the air-conditioning unit is a bit slow in cooling the room or the bed curtains are just too thick. Nonetheless, I had astounding sleep during my stay. Thanks to the soft mattress covered with clean sheets. Each bunk has its own light source and a two-socket power source.

Lockers are located on the bottom of the bunks. It’s a bit tight so there’s a lesser chance that you could jam all your stuff inside especially if you have a tall backpack or bulky luggage.

nexy hostel hanoi private rooms
Private rooms.

Aside from the dormitory rooms, Nexy Hostel also offers private rooms that start from USD35. Private rooms were named after Vietnam’s destinations and a mural that represents each attraction is painted in its interior.

Free Breakfast

Free breakfast on the second floor is surprisingly filling because of the simple buffet spread. You have instant coffee or tea, fresh milk for the cornflakes and muesli, boiled eggs, bread and spread, fresh fruits, and juices. I looked forward every morning on the spread as it’s sufficient enough as a brunch especially if you’re a late riser.

nexy hostel hanoi breakfast
Simple yet filling breakfast buffet.
nexy hostel hanoi
Breakfast is ready!

Common Areas

The colorful common areas will surely compete with your comfy beds if you stay indoors. I wanted to catch a lot of sleep during my stay but I couldn’t resist the relaxing common areas. And it’s a nice venue to meet and get to know other travelers.

nexy hostel hanoi bar
Bar on the ground floor.
nexy hostel hanoi breakfast hall
Breakfast hall.

On the lower ground, in addition to the reception hall, is the bar. One entire wall was painted with scenes of Vietnamese daily life. On the second floor is the hostel’s breakfast hall and the game hall. Darts, foosball, and a pool table are fun games to play with other travelers staying in Nexy Hostel.

nexy hostel hanoi tv room
TV Room.
nexy hostel hanoi computer room and library
Computer area and library

Another one is my favorite spot, the TV Room. A three-tiered sofa, where one could lie down and take a nap or watch a travel show on the television, is the main attraction. Lively colors wrapped the throw pillows. The other half of the room is the library and computer area. Borrow some books about traveling in Vietnam or some that narrate travelogues of the authors. If you need some information online or need to book tickets, you can use the computers for free. Lastly is the roof deck and balconies covered with artificial grasses.

nexy hostel hanoi balcony

nexy hostel hanoi roof deck
Roof deck.

My stay at Nexy Hostel marked the last days of my 100-day Southeast Asia trip. With the draining trip, I find the hostel a perfect place to relax after all the tiring night buses, exhausting day tours, and stressful dealings with immigration officers. If you’re looking for a bit upscale backpacker type of accommodation in Hanoi, then Nexy Hostel should be included on your list.

Nexy Hostel

12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem
Hanoi Vietnam
Contact No.: +8424-7300-6399
Website: http://www.nexyhostels.com/



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