How to Organize Your Travel Journal?


Taking down notes on trips is a good habit not only for bloggers, but for every traveler who desires to remember new experiences apart from the food tried, destinations visited, and like-minded people they’ve met. But maintaining a journal during a trip is a difficult item to do, a difficult one for me. Creating those do-it-yourself guides and itineraries you can find on this blog were the toughest jobs I did. This is because I am sucker when it comes to organizing the way I take note my experiences on the road, and I need help on ways to organize my travel journal.

organize my travel journal


Utilizing my phone in listing down directions and ways of getting from one destination to another is my usual thing but I also wanted to make use of my journals. Friends usually give me travel journals with quirky pages and gimmicks that encourage travelers to metamorphose its blank pages into wonderful memories in words or in different forms.


Having a nice pen inspires me to document highlights of my trips, but the pen resides in its pouch most of the time. Owning a pen also makes me hanker after travelers who have the skills in sketching and drawing. A famous doodler whom I follow on Instagram converts her journal into a canvas of selected spots from her trips. You will be amazed how these landmarks replicated on her daybook.


organize my travel journal


That is if you’re also gifted with same skills. The closest I could get to that is to have templates to use. There are numerous sites that offer free download of travel related icons, and famous landmarks in colored and black and white. With that, the idea (the only thing that can push me to use my journals) of having these icons printed on adhesives makes me interested. I can use these stickers to properly label and transcribe specifics of my trips.


The icons printed on a tape (or roll) also makes it easier to use. It’s also best to have these icons printed on high quality paper for it to be durable and can stand time so the memories will surely last for a lifetime.


adhesives stickes


This is only one of the more realistic solutions I can do for me to improve in organizing my travel journal. Do you have same sentiments and were able to solve it? If you’re kind to share some solutions, please leave it on the comment section below, I’ll gladly appreciate it!


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