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There’s always something new every time I visit Boracay. New hotels, new restaurants, new bars, and narrower and more congested roads. Nonetheless, Boracay still has the charming and laid-back vibe when you visit its beaches, during the low season. On my recent trip, after not stepping on the island for almost 10 months, a new lifestyle hub opened in Boracay, Station X.

station x boracay streetmarket food hall
Customers availing food from the stores in Station X can use the tables on this colorful hall.

station x boracay streetmarket

To disperse tourists from the crowded stations of the island, Station X sets itself as a trendy lifestyle destination. With handful dining options available, it will for sure be regarded as a new major spot for dining in Boracay. The place is located right next to Hue Hotel and Resort on Station 2 main road. The large sign is hard to miss.

station x boracay streetmarket

station x boracay streetmarket



Streetmarket is the main attraction of the Station X. A food hall surrounded by seven concept stores offering a fresh take on Boracay’s food scene.

station x boracay streetmarket
Streetmarket is a food hall comprised with seven concept-stores.

Percy is tasked with seafood needs from fresh oysters, ceviche, crispy fish, calamari, shrimp, and chips, to their specialty seared mahi-mahi and grilled goodies. For classic deep-fried chicken, Winner Winner will be your home for juicy fried goodies. A major major decision is to pick your choice between the home-style classic or honey butter chickens.

station x boracay streetmarket
Streetmarket has its own dining hall.

For travelers missing Southeast Asian food, Fat Rice curated a menu that will bring you on a food journey around the region. Sambal from Indonesia, Cha Ca La Vong of Vietnam, Malaysia’s beef rendang, Larb Moo of Thailand, Singapore’s laksa, and our very own Pork Adobo. Brick oven items like pizza, porchetta, eggplant lasagna, and potato gratin are some of the specialties of Diavolo.

station x boracay streetmarket diavolo
Diavolo for brick oven pizza and a lot more.

Ordering a meal in Santa Peligrosa has two parts, selecting between taco or burrito, and deciding on the filling from the six selections available: carnitas, barbacoa, lengua, chicken mole, tofu mole, or crispy fish.

station x boracay streetmarket santa peligrosa
Santa Peligrosa’s Super Taco.

Japanese surprises such as yakitori, uni udon, and tempura corn balls are served by Poketo. There’s always room for dessert and that space is filled by Sugar Cloud with bingsu, the Korean ice-shaved dessert, and fresh fruit juices.

station x boracay streetmarket local color
Local Color.

A visit to Streetmarket will indeed bring you on a rewarding food journey across Asia, Europe, and South America. In addition to the seven stores are Little Wave Coffee Co. for specialty coffee and hand-made pasta, and Local Color, a souvenir shop offering the best of the Philippine islands.


The open bar concept of Prisma will host you while chilling in Boracay. Situated right next to the colorful dining hall of Station X, the bar serves a long list of cocktail mixes.

station x boracay streetmarket prisma bar
Grab a fancy cocktails while chilling in Station X.


Spice Bird Piri Piri, The Sunny Side Café, and Cocomama are known not only for their food but also for their vibrant ambiances. Owners of Hue Hotel and Resort in Station X are self-confessed frequent diners of these places. And it’s a must that the restaurant group has its presence in the newest food hub in Boracay. With that, they opened Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream, and The Tart Shop.

station x boracay streetmarket supermagic burgers
Craving for burgers?

For Supermagic Burgers, be amazed by their freshly-ground burger patties made from prime imported beef cuts. The patty is served medium and well-seasoned with their signature Umami Dust, Kampot Pepper, and other secret ingredients. For ice cream, don’t miss the varied selection especially the frozen custard.

station x boracay streetmarket the tart shop mango and calamansi pie
Luscious Mango and Calamansi Pie (Php 150) from The Tart Shop.

The Tart Shop, on the other hand, attracts tourists for its baked and pastry goodies. Baguette and bread fill the baskets in a cupboard near the door but the tarts and pies in their display case get the limelight. On my visit, a S’mores pie and Mango and Calamansi tart were my options. I got the latter and enjoyed the sweet and tangy taste of the fruits with the custard and a little bit hard crust.


If you’re looking for a detox from all the fatty and oily food in the island, Nonie’s Restaurant would be a haven. The place is also a good spot for vegans as the restaurant serves fruit and veggie soups, salads, healthy grain bowls, and cold press juices. All ingredients that the crew uses are locally grown, sustainable, homemade-fresh, and natural. The dining area is a bit crowded especially at meal times. On my visit, I got a Strawberry Thai Basil Smoothie served with Chia seeds on top.

station x boracay streetmarket
Strawberry and Thai Basil smoothie with chia seeds.


I was stunned when I heard about Station X before my trip to Boracay and it made me think if the place really exists or just a mere joke from Boracay visitors. When I passed by the place on my arrival, I needed to find an afternoon on my schedule to visit the newest food hub on Boracay Island.

station x boracay streetmarket
Station X, the newest food and lifestyle hub in Boracay.


Hue Hotel, Main Road Corner Boracay Food Street
Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Website: www.streetmarketboracay.com



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