Summer Activities To Do in St. Louis, Missouri


One thing I love about summer is that the days are longer, which equates to more time for outdoor activities. Despite having blue skies unobstructed by clouds, others hate this season because of the intense heat. But the pleasant weather, though humid at times, provides more reasons to go biking, swimming, and trekking. It’s also a perfect time for family getaways, since kids are on their summer breaks.

Gateway Arch of St. Louis, Missouri. Image via Flickr by Francisco Diez.

St. Louis is considered one of the best summer vacation spots due to its plentiful outdoor activities. From parks, gardens, and theme parks to shopping and music festivals, St. Louis has a little of everything. Before planning must-try summer activities in the city, ensure that you have a place to stay during your visit. Locate all your desired attractions and activities and search for hotels in St. Louis accessible to everything you want to do. Out of the dozens of outdoor activities in this Missouri city, here’s a handful of the best.

Animal Encounter at the St. Louis Zoo

Close encounter with a tiger at the Saint Louis Zoo. Image via Flickr by paparutzi.

Toddlers will really enjoy a visit to the Saint Louis Zoo, as this destination allows them have close encounters with the animals. The attraction is free, yet it features a wide range of species, such as invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, and mammals. The zoo’s main attraction is the Emerson Zooline Railroad. Tickets cost $7.95, and the train ride offers a 20-minute guided tour that weaves through tunnels and a few animal exhibits.

Treetop Adventure Course at Go Ape

In Creve Coeur Park is another Go Ape! adventure zone. The Go Ape! Treetop Adventure is more than zip-lines and canopy tours. The adventure course that features five sections of thrilling treetop obstacles is perfect for groups. The fun activities require every participant to zip along a total of about 2,600 meters of zip lines and through 34 crossings. This unique outdoor activity will take you around two to three hours, depending your pace and stamina. Other park amenities include walking paths, bike trails, and a kids’ play area. Tickets cost $38 for kids 10 to 15 years old and $58 for those 16 years old and above.

Thrilling Rides at Six Flags St. Louis

The moment you join the long queues for the heart-pumping rides, you’ll start to feel the excitement. Six Flags, the biggest regional amusement park in the U.S., has a location in St Louis. Spend the entire day on roller coasters, 4-D and virtual reality rides, or family and kiddie rides. Summer is also great for swimming and fun water activities, and the water park at Six Flag St. Louis will definitely make you feel refreshed. Day tickets are available for $64.99, and tickets for children under 4 feet cost $49.99.

Picnic at Forest Park

For a lazy day, Forest Park provides a great setting for picnics and recreation. Here, you’ll find plenty of attractions, including the Saint Louis Zoo and 15 picnic grounds and pavilions. For cultural destinations, choose from the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, the Missouri History Museum, or the St. Louis Science Center. Communing with nature is another option here, thanks to the availability of savannas, woodlands, and forests.

Remember that these outdoor destinations in St. Louis, Missouri, are just a few the heap of attractions available. A weekend isn’t enough to experience everything, yet a fun-filled getaway with friends and families will surely be a great way to beat the summer heat.


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