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Island Hopping cebu

Island Hopping near Mactan, Cebu: Pandanon, Kawhagan, and Gilutungan Islands

Living in Cebu City is an advantage for a person who loves the beach, and sea. An hour drive from the bustling streets of...
bluewater panglao

Aplaya Restaurant: Fusion of Exotic and Local Flavors

One of the unlimited perks of staying in a luxury resort is to try the food being offered in their in-house restaurant which is...
Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort | Bohol

We were eager to relieve our worn-out bodies from an almost three-hour wobbly travel from Tagbilaran City to Carmen, and back. The muscle pains...
Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Riding a Bicycle in the Sky

Biking. This is probably the recreational activity I wasn’t able to learn while growing up. I can say that I tried but my patience...
food in the philippines

Take It From The Experts: It’s More FOOD in the Philippines

Having more than 7000 islands, geography plays an important role in the way Filipinos prepare and make their food. Take Sinigang as an example....

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