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My trip to Panglao Island in Bohol wasn’t just about discovering the local culture or beaches. It was also about diving fork-first into the island’s vibrant culinary scene. From roadside joints to chic cafes, Panglao proved to be a foodie destination. The island offers a diverse array of flavors and experiences that delight both the taste buds and the soul. So, where to eat in Panglao Island? Here are a handful of food places in this Bohol destination that you can consider on your next visit.

mosa where to eat in panglao island bohol
Mosa, one of the trending restaurants in Panglao Island.


Mike’s Food Joint

This food adventure kicked off at Mike’s Food Joint. I stopped by for dinner at 8 PM, only to find they had run out of buns. Nonetheless, they still had a few main dishes available. I opted for a burger steak with mushroom sauce and potato wedges. The patty, likely the same used in their burgers, was incredibly juicy and flavorful. It was a satisfying start to exploring the food scene on Panglao Island.

Namoo’s Cafe

After leaving Mike’s Food Joint and heading back to Abraham Bohol, I spotted a vibrant coffee shop under a tree. Intrigued by its striking wall art, I decided to drop in. Needing to catch up on work, I ordered a Caramel Macchiato, which was generously sized similar to large milk teas. Although the caramel flavor wasn’t overpowering, I enjoyed the strong coffee. Glancing at their menu, I noticed they also served a variety of brunch options, including breakfast platters, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals.

Wall art at Namoo’s Cafe.


Shaka is one of Panglao’s pioneer restaurants in the Bali-inspired healthy bowl category. Visited late morning and tried their bestseller, Bom Dia 2.0, recommended by the friendly staff. It is a blend of acai, mixed berries, banana, mango, and passionfruit. A satisfying choice for a healthy smoothie bowl. Alongside the fresh fruits, it came with desiccated coconut, dark chocolate bits, and nuts, adding a delightful crunch to the smoothie. In addition to their famous smoothie bowls, Shaka takes pride in their power bowls, bliss cups, and fresh cold-pressed juices. For heartier options, they offer all-day brunch, burgers, sandwiches, and mains.

Bom Dia 2.0.


Comoda is currently creating a buzz not only for its stunning restaurant design, featuring thatched roofing and Bali-inspired interiors, but also for its delicious food offerings. Upon entering, you’re greeted with appetizing pastries and desserts displayed in a chiller by the counter. Their diverse menu spans the globe with Comoda Specials such as wings platter, volcano pizza, paella, chick bim bowl, alongside a selection of pasta, salads, and more. Comoda Specials range from PHP258 to PHP899, serving 2-4 people.

Comoda’s exterior giving some Bali vibes.

I opted for their Chick Bim Bowl priced at PHP349. Peri-peri chicken served with a sunny-side-up egg over rice, Mexican coleslaw, and corn kernels on the side, served bibimbap style. I enjoyed the juicy and flavorful chicken, and the combination of flavors from the sides created a symphony of tastes.


Intending to visit Overgrown Cafe, I was hindered by the scorching heat and possible 400-meter walk. However, I spotted a cool coffee cart from afar and crossed the road to check. Atypika, a newly opened roadside brewer, opened just last week.

Trying to beat the heat and my sleepiness for only 4 hours of sleep, I ordered an iced Spanish Latte. While the size seemed a bit small for its price compared to typical coffee shops, I appreciated the use of big single cubed ice which preserved the coffee flavor without diluting it too quickly. The milk in the coffee wasn’t overshadowed by condensed milk, maintaining the strong coffee profile with a hint of creaminess.


If you ask someone, who has been to Bohol recently, where to eat in Panglao Island, Mosa might be the first answer. Before delving into the menu details, take a moment to appreciate the surroundings. Mosa is truly one of the most beautiful restaurants in Panglao Island. It’s delightful that the beauty of the place is reflected in the beautifully crafted and delicious meals they offer.

For starters, I tried the Gajok Bites. It is a family of half-sphere thin-crust bread filled with kimchee, cheese, and enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon. Then, for the salad, I opted for the Shrimp Crystal Salad. It has diced mango and veggies with hints of coriander, topped with grilled shrimp and caviar, served in a glass. It was also served with pita bread on the side and salsa dip in a shot glass.

Gajok Bites.
Very refreshing shrimp crystal salad.

For the main course, I enjoyed the Anillo De Oro, herbed baked tanigue served on top of ratatouille. I also tried the Mango Mania Lemonade, a refreshing blend of mango jam, green apple jam, lemon soda, and calamansi-lemon syrup, garnished with a green apple ice pop.

As for dessert, Panna Cotta for a layered version of the famous dessert, with original and mango flavors. If you’re looking for a 4-course meal experience without the formality of fine dining, Mosa is definitely worth a visit.


Amidst the recent hype about Mist, its integration with nature has become a focal point of admiration, boasting an abundance of plants both inside and out. However, while its natural ambiance has drawn praise, feedback on the food quality and staff service has been mixed. Eager to form my own impression, I decided to visit during lunch time on a Friday, pleasantly surprised to find it not overly crowded.

Among the standout offerings are the Ocean Treasure and the Surf and Turf. The first features king prawn thermidor and pampano prepared in two distinct styles: fried and steamed. On the other hand, Surf and Turf is a combination of seafood delicacies including stuffed crab, stuffed squid, baked scallops, salmon sashimi, garlic shrimp, and ribs.

Their menu boasts an array of options spanning starters, soups, salads, pasta and noodles, burgers, and main courses. Craving for shrimp during my visit, I opted for the Creamy Rock Shrimp, prepared in a rebosado style, and complemented by a drizzle of Mild Spicy Mayo Sauce.


During an early afternoon walk around Alona Beach, I glanced on Mellow and remembered that it was known for serving coolers like frozen yoghurt and popsicles. Perfect to combat the intense heat, the store drew me in and tried picking from the fruit-based and cream-based popsicles. Water-based flavors are PHP90 while PHP110 for the cream-based selections. They have around a dozen of flavors available for the two categories. You can also add dips and toppings for PHP50 and PHP70.

Wild Gelato and Crepes

With the intense summer heat along Alona Beach, gelato is a perfect cooler. Wild Gelato and Crepes is famous for their gelato. A dozen flavors on their chiller wait to be picked: mixed berries, vanilla, strawberry, chocolatella, mango, cheesecake, matcha, salted caramel, Nutella, chocolate, and pistachio. Of course, pistachio on desserts is one of my weaknesses so I got a single scoop for PHP140. You can also customize your crepe from picking your base, spreads to add, toppings such as chocolates and cookies, fruits, nuts, and add-ons like gelato scoop, crumbs, and mallows.

Bamboo Palace

The grilled squid cravings led me to Bamboo Palace, just adjacent to Jollibee. The place boasts a pleasant ambiance under a bamboo tree, hence the restaurant’s name. Apart from serving meals, Bamboo Place also transforms into a bar in the evening. The grilled squid is featured on their special menu during my visit. Priced at PHP710 (indicating it’s 300 grams), it seems a bit steep. I asked the waiter how many pieces of squid would be served, and he indicated two using his fingers to show the size. Thinking the price was fair, I ordered one.

Despite it being just past 5 PM and not many diners present, my order took a while to arrive. To my surprise, it was only one piece, similar in size to what I was informed of. I was somewhat disappointed as I sensed the squid isn’t around 300 grams, suspecting they might have included the stuffing, such as diced tomatoes, etc. Nevertheless, the squid was tasty, but the portion didn’t justify the PHP710 price tag.


When I checked suggested places to try in Panglao, this Spanish restaurant appeared at the top of the results. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the small portion of grilled squid at Bamboo Place, I continued to Bougainvillea. My eyes were glued to Pulpo Parrilla Permentier, a grilled octopus tentacle served with potato parmentier.

The octopus was seasoned and charred perfectly, but it was a bit tough; seems it was slightly overcooked. However, the spices were really evident and combined well with the parmentier, a version of mashed potato. I enjoyed the meal with a glass of Sangria for PHP185.

Overgrown Cafe

Before leaving Panglao Island for Tagbilaran Port, I stopped by Overgrown Cafe. It’s a renowned coffee shop brand in the province, to get my coffee fix before traveling to Cebu. I admired the living wall of the cafe, but around 12 noon, the place was quite hot, as the air conditioning unit struggled to combat the heat inside. Originally intending to get a smoothie bowl, only Pineapple Banana was available, so I opted for sourdough slices with two dips from their selection. For my drink, I chose an Iced Spanish Latte.

Special mention goes to Barwoo, which I unfortunately couldn’t try due to the long queue of people.

In conclusion, Panglao Island isn’t just a destination for sun and sand—it’s a culinary playground waiting to be explored. This list represents only a fraction of the numerous restaurants and cafes scattered across the island. If you have recommendations on where to eat in Panglao Island, feel free to share them in the comments section below. From roadside joints to chic cafes, each establishment offers a unique culinary experience. This celebrates the island’s rich flavors and vibrant culture. So, the next time you find yourself on Panglao Island, be sure to pack your appetite and embark on a food adventure that will surely impress your taste buds and leave you craving more.


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