BOHOL | Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Riding a Bicycle in the Sky


Biking. This is probably the recreational activity I wasn’t able to learn while growing up. I can say that I tried but my patience hindered me to discover the perks of riding a bicycle. After a quite number of falls with bruises on my knees and elbows, I decided to give up. Meanwhile, Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) in Carmen, Bohol was our first stop during my first visit in the province. The main attraction of the adventure park is The Rush, which is actually a kind of zipline but the catch is that you will be riding a bike on a 550 meter (two-way) cables suspended some hundred meters above the ground.

It made me freak-out because, yeah, I didn’t know how to ride a bike plus the “trail” is above the ground. But I was as happy as a kid when a staff ensured that the bike on the activity was securely attached to the cable wires aside from the harness, to secure our safety during the thrilling outdoor activity.

After an orientation and blood pressure checking, to see if we were fit to the try The Rush, we climbed the 248 steps going to the park’s view deck that enabled me to appreciate some of the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. It started to drizzle as we prepare to ride The Rush.

I was the last one to do the bike ride and the wind got stronger as I started to pedal. A bit uneasy, I was able to enjoy the experience: viewing the hills on a different platform while you’re having a circus stint hundred meters above the ground. Exhilarating part was on the middle of the wires where you really need to pedal harder for you to accelerate. I considered the activity as my longest bicycle ride.


The location of CHAP is really perfect. The different areas of the park are connected with wooden boardwalks. Before the information desk is the lagoon where you can try Fish Feeding. The main hall houses the receiving area, a restaurant and a function hall for special events and conferences.

We were also given the chance to experience the basic rope courses in their The Snake Ladder featuring the Hanging Bridge, Islands in the Sky, Burma Loops, Burma Planks, Earthquake, and Vine Walk. Out of the 6 courses, I had a hard time on the Vine Walk where you need to lean forward while gripping the ropes as you take a step or slide your feet on the wire. On the The Pentagon, advance rope courses, they offer the Jacob’s Walk, similar to Burma Planks, and the Tyrolean. Last area we checked was the serpentarium where they house some reticulated, constricted and albino pythons, vipers such as Dahong Palay, some iguana, and hedge hogs.

With the visit to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, it was great to see how Bohol slowly recovers from the earthquake that hit the province last 2013. The presence of adventure parks such as CHAP, that offers exciting and one of a kind experience, really draws back Bohol to its status as a major tourism destination in the country.



Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is located in Brgy, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol which is 1.5 hours away from Tagbilaran City. Make your way to Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City where vans and buses are available that plies the Tagbilaran – Carmen route. Fare is around Php 60.

For rates and other inquiries, contact them directly.

Brgy, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol
Facebook Page:
Contact No.: 0932-667-7098

All photos found on this post are courtesy of Elal Jane Lasola of The Shades of Grey.


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