Time to Step Up: Areas to Work on for 2013


Highlight of my 2012 is the birth of my blog, RJDEXPLORER. This brought out the blogger/writer in me which was all started by traveling to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last August. Thanks to James of Journeying James for adding me to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers group and now I can say that I am already a travel blogger.

For 2013, I bought a travel planner and hoping that all my travels will be planned and documented accordingly. And I hope my readers to experience these wanderings just by surfing online. My employer has these focus areas they’re working on in a year and I want to create my own version to work on for my blog.


As officially part of PTB, I want to socialize more and build connections with fellow travel bloggers. Share ideas and experiences especially when it comes to traveling. Talking to locals and immersing with them is also a thing to look forward this year. I’m also planning to initiate a project/study about tourism by interviewing at least 1 foreigner for every destination I check.

My current Lakbayan Grade.


Every travel blogger and blogs I visit have this challenge of traveling to all the 81 provinces of the Philippines. Visiting and featuring all the attractions the province offers is the common thing they do. With regard to this, I will be pushing myself to visit at least 20 provinces this year to exemplify my “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” project and go out more at least once a month.



Readers play an essential role in blogging. In the concept of business, they are the consumers of what is being produced. This year, I would like to build my readership, delivering them timely, new and good contents. Sponsors are also the main thing to consider since they are the backbone of every blog, hoping to attract and work with more brands this year.



First thing a blogger should do is to get a personal domain, hoping to get one this year transferring my .tumblr.com to just simply .com. I also want to embark more adventures: mountain climbing, water rafting, long trekking, zip lines and more. Investing to travel stuff such as a convenient backpack and a snorkel gear is also added on the list. I also need to deliver good contents because one of my targets this year is to maintain at least 100 unique visitors daily.

By accomplishing and working out with these focus areas, 2013 will be a meaningful year of blogging and full of traveling. Happy New Year!

imageThis is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for
January 2013, with the theme: “New Beginnings.” Hosted
by Rojae Braga of The Adventures of Adventuroj.



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