Towelite: High Performance Towel for Travelers


I consider myself a light packer and every time I book flights, I am not availing baggage allowances since the 7-kilo hand carry is already enough for me. A challenge encountered during this time is when I need to compress a fluffy and bulky towel inside my single backpack.

Considering a bath towel already consumes half the capacity of my bag which sometimes leads to a hard time putting other travel essentials.

This problem has been solved when I got a Towelite bath towel. The towel is 24x48in and weighs about just 150 grams! I used it for the first time when I had my 5-day travel to Visayas. I had an easy time placing the Towelite on my backpack since it can be folded into an incredibly small size and can be placed in its mesh pouch.

The night before my trip, I forgot to include the towel on my laundry. I checked the washing instructions that came with the pouch and it was instructed to wash it before use since colors may “bleed”. Based on my experience, the towel didn’t bring any color stain to the water but it is better to wash it separately from the others. I just hung the item inside our bathroom and after an hour or two; the towel was totally dry as if I put it under the sun.

What I love about Towelite is its super absorbent feature. I dare you to check it out since it dries up faster than an ordinary towel. It was also my companion when I hiked to the 7 falls of Mambukal in Murcia, Negros Occidental where I totally drenched in sweat and I can affirm its super absorbent quality.

Towelite is really a solution to the main problem of most travelers and adventurers in packing because the towel is compact, lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying. Aside from that, you can have it at a reasonable price of Php550 for bath towel (24x48in) and Php295 for sports towel (18x36in).

For orders and inquiries, you can contact them at or by calling them at 02-697-2287. They also offer beach (30x60in), hand (12x24in) and yoga (24x68in) towels. You can also check with them on their Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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