Why Do I Keep on Traveling Alone?


Dark clouds hovered Orchard Road as I walked to the last spot on my Singapore Art Trail. Winsland House II has two art installations; Dancer and Love, and these will complete my art tour on my first morning in Singapore. I arrived at Dancer’s location, admiring the work, pressed my shutter several times, and drizzles begun to pour. I asked my Lord to spare me from another drenched walking tour.

Apparently, rain continued and I was stuck in Winsland House II standing at one corner, hoping and still praying for the mighty rain to stop. Locals continued to cross the street popping out their umbrellas before trailing the pedestrian lane.

At that moment, a realization struck me. “Why do I keep on traveling alone?” I asked myself. I tried to look for answers as if answers are enclosed on those tiny raindrops continuously drenching that part of Singapore.

traveling alone bagan

On my arrival at Changi Airport, a minor issue happened and no one was there to help me. Needless to say, I was able to resolve the issue with my passport being stamped and me being welcomed to my first ever foreign country visited.

Going back to the question, I think it’s great to have people with you while you’re on the road. I do trips with friends sometimes, but going solo most of the time. Being alone makes my itinerary flexible to whatever great experiences are on my way and wherever my feet will bring me.

traveling alone
Alone in Penang Island. Thanks to locals who help me take my photos.

I prefer traveling alone because I can reach out to locals when I’m lost. When I’m alone, I can ask any random people where to get that affordable yet filling dinner. I can approach anyone having a culture that’s different from mine yet helpful enough to answer my queries. And there are a lot of other reasons beyond that.

On that exact point where I was standing, waiting for the rain to stop, rainwater started to flow on the pavement. Tiny leaves fallen from the nearby trees joined the motion. Since rain brings a sentimental mood, I found an answer to my question. Probably, I just want to go with the flow.

traveling alone
Conquering the boulders of Biri.

And while thinking, I saw a lone leaf joining the moving water. Before the leaf reached the edge of the pavement, a new set of leaves welcomed the lone leaf. This might mean that even if travelers travel alone on the road, there will come a time that they’ll meet like-minded people that would match their qualities. Most of the time, each element of that crowd started being alone and by traveling, they make a crowd.

While looking at the water on the pavement reflecting the surrounding, I noticed that the rain finally stopped. Singapore’s horizon was already cleared.

Are you a solo traveler? What are your reasons for traveling alone?



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